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We've found the best baby carriers on the market and bought them together in one place to help you find the best carrier for you and your baby. Carrying your infant in an ergonomic or baby sling promotes healthy development both physically and mentally. Babies sleep longer and deeper, are happier, more content and using carriers give you two free hands!

We have years of carrier experience and lots of trained staff to help you find the best baby carrier for you! Our customer service team are always on hand to help. Let us help you find the joy of carrying your baby.

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Baby Carriers
Lillebaby Original Baby Carrier
From:  £55.00  (35)
Tula Standard Baby Carrier
£99.90  (2)
Tula Toddler Baby Carrier
£129.90  (1)
Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier
Lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier Embossed
£159.00  (11)
Lillebaby Essentials Baby Carrier
£79.98  (7)
Je Porte Mon Bebe Sling
£59.94  (1)
Babylonia Bb Baby Sling
Babylonia Bb Slen
Didymos Baby Sling Cleo
£91.94   £60.00
Ambit Natalis Solis Baby Wrap
£140.40  (1)
Didymos Baby Sling Pia
£96.00   £50.00  (1)
Baby K'Tan
£49.98   £20.00
Didymos Sling-2-Indio Ultramarine
£99.95   £60.00
Hana Baby Wrap
Didymos Sling-4-Indio Purple-White
£89.95   £60.00
Didymos Sling-4-Indio Ultramarine
£90.00   £60.00
Didymos-5-Winter Lilies
£126.00   £60.00
Emeibaby Special Edition Baby Carrier
£129.98   £60.00
Oscha Japanese Knot Jol Wrap
From:  £65.99
Kokadi Flip Carrier Baby Carrier
£134.94   £79.99
Kokadi TaiTai Baby Carrier
Kokadi Woven Wrap
From:  £50.00  (1)
Lillebaby Airflow Donuts & Sprinkles
£129.00  (13)
Manduca Zipin for Manduca
Oscha Ring Sling
From:  £90.00
Tula Woven Wrap 4.6M
£123.95   £65.00
Ergobaby 360-Dewy Grey
Ergobaby Adapt-Batik Indigo
Baby Carrier

Which Baby Carrier is Best?

Not sure which carrier to get? Do you need exceptional lumbar support and padded shoulder straps? Will you need an infant insert? Are you looking for cool air mesh to wear in hot weather?

Get in touch with customer services or pop into the shop and ask one of our 10 trained baby-wearing consultants to find the perfect carrier or sling for YOU & YOUR baby ❤. We have undergone extensive training in baby carriers with Trageschule and Slingababy and are qualified to advise you on the perfect baby carrier for your family.

Why choose to use a baby carrier?

Baby carriers are lightweight, small and much easier to carry than heavy, back-breaking car seats! Plus most carriers are machine washable. Most people find them really easy to use after a bit of practice. And you can carry on your front or back depending on the size of your child. 

A sling is natural to use! Natural fabrics and a practice of carrying our babies which has existed for thousands of years. With an infant insert most can be used from a newborn baby to a toddler giving head support, keeping them in an upright position and allowing you to carry your baby close 

Babies LOVE ❤ being carried  ❤. Your child will love being close to you, where they feel familiar and safe and they love the view. Babies develop by reading the faces of those they have attachments to, they also have a very short field of vision, being closer to your face means they can see you and pick up your facial expressions easily.

Safety First. An ergonomic carrier offers a safe and secure, natural carrying position, much better than a chair or car seats! If your child does have a hip condition The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommends carrying them in a deep seated shape in your baby carrier which promotes a natural open hip position, optimum for development and preventing the rubbing that can occur in the hip joint with legs straight.

A carrier spreads the weight, so it's much better for you & your back! The waist belt and shoulder straps of a good quality ergonomic baby carrier offers lumbar support and spread the weight through your core. It takes six times less energy to carry in a baby carrier than it does to carry in your arms.

Good for dad. Being close to the baby can help daddy to bond with your newborn baby. Buckle carriers with padded shoulder straps and waist belt are easy to adjust if mum and dad aren't the same size, and of course a stretchy wrap like a moby wrap fits any size. A ring sling is also a super easy option for both parents to use.

A carrier can access all areas. There are some places prams just can't go. And your child gets a much better view than they would in a pushchair. Plus you keep your hands free to walk the dog or do the shopping.

    Find The Best Baby Carrier For You

    Baby slings come in many styles and designs that allow for different carrying positions for baby toddler comfort. Not only are they travel essentials but they are also perfect for using at home, much nicer than baby bouncers. Babywearing provides closeness and security at home or while you travel and is certainly one of the best buys you can make when you have a new baby. We love a ring sling for easy at home carrying.

    A stretchy wrap is suitable to carry your new baby from birth. These are made of around five metres of Stretchy material and can be pre-tied ready to pop baby in when you're ready. They are machine washable and can be used all day, taking the baby in and out as required for feeds and nappy changes. Perfect for hands free head support of a newborn baby, and ideal if you are putting them in and out of car seats as you can keep the piece of fabric tied in place.

    A ring sling is quick and simple to use and ideal to use at home with a new baby. Once you have adjusted your ring sling to fit you and baby you only need to make tiny adjustments each time you use it. And they are great for a number of carrying positions. Ring slings can also be used for older babies and are perfect for short carries when little legs get tired. 

    A buckled baby carrier can be used from birth depending on type. Some soft structured carriers need an infant insert, some can simply be adjusted to fit a newborn so it's a good idea to check the weight limit. Look for ergonomic baby carriers that can support your child in a deep-seated M shape with the carrier extending from knee-to-knee for optimal comfort for you both. A 4-in-one convertible baby carrier allows for front facing, back or hip carrying positions making these versatile baby slings for older babies. 

    Woven baby wraps are the most open-ended baby carrier option. Essentially long pieces of woven fabric, these woven baby wraps are comfortable and moldable to both you and baby. Depending on how you tie them (we have a video if you need to learn) you can carry your baby on your chest, hip or back.

    Commonly asked Questions:

    Are baby carriers safe for newborns?

    The short answer to this question is yes. Although it's important to make sure the baby carrier you have is suitable for the size and weight of your baby. Some carriers will require a newborn insert for example if you wish to carry from birth. Just make sure your baby's airway isn't being restricted.

    Is a forward facing carrier bad for baby?

    Providing your baby has good head control, usually around 6 months plus, and your baby carrier keeps their hips in a healthy position then forward facing baby carrying is fine for short periods of time. Just be aware that babies can easily become over stimulated by new surroundings so switch them back to face you if they begin to fuss or if they are getting tired. 

    Are baby carriers bad for babies hips?

    A good ergonomic baby carrier is perfectly safe for babies hips and in fact will keep babies hips in the same position used if hip dysplasia were to be diagnosed. However carriers that leave legs dangling and have all the weight on the groin are not optimal for hip development.

    Is it safe to wear a baby carrier while pregnant?

    Yes. The good news is that babywearing is safe while you're pregnant, providing of course that you haven't been given any medical advice against physical activity. Just make sure you choose the most comfortable carrying position and listen to your body. As your bump grows you will probably be more comfortable back carrying. And be considerate to the fact that you will tire more quickly when pregnant. 

    With the best baby carriers, you can enjoy carrying your baby close. This makes a wonderful gift for a new mum and baby Customer services can help you out or give a gift card if you're not sure which to buy..

    Baby Carrier Product Registration

    Some of the baby carrier brands we stock offer a product registration service. Product registration means they will get in touch in the unlikely event that they have to recall the product for safety reasons. 

    And if you love the adjustable straps for your shoulders, comfortable soft mesh fabric or simply the gorgeous design of your baby carriers please leave a review and tell us about your favourite feature or design..

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