Baby Essentials - Checklist for a New Baby

There’s no denying that there are a few newborn essentials that you can’t really live without and a few items that really are worth their weight in gold when you have a new baby. But there are so very many items for babies that it can be tricky to determine which are essential and which you can live without until you actually have a baby.

With this in mind we’ve put together a checklist for a New Baby with some of our top baby essentials that we think it’s worth getting before baby arrives.

Baby Essentials

There are certain things that are essential, or highly desirable when you have a new baby. These include nappies, wipes, clothes, somewhere for baby to sleep, nursing bra’s if you are planning on breastfeeding or bottles and formula if you’re not, a car seat, muslins, and a waterproof changing mat or pad all make it onto the list of the essential items. And there will no doubt be other items that are essential for you.

Essentially you need to be able to dress your baby in clothes that are easy to get on and off for nappy changes. You need nappies, and you’ll get through a lot with a newborn the related paraphernalia including wipes and a changing mat. You need the ability to feed your baby. You need somewhere for them to sleep. And, even if you are planning a home birth, things might not go to plan so you need a car seat to get your baby safely home.

Checklist for a New Baby

  1. Nappies! You can wrap a baby in a blanket if you don’t have a clean baby grow, they can sleep in your arms and you can feed them from your breast, but really not having nappies will quickly become a massive pain. We highly recommend reusable nappies but there’s no harm in having a pack of newborn disposables as well. And you can always pass them on if you don’t end up using them.
  2. As well as nappies you will also need wipes, again we highly recommend reusables and a changing mat of some kind. A waterproof mat or somewhere wipe clean to change nappies will save a lot of washing when there are leakages or your baby decides to go just at that moment when you’ve removed the old nappy but haven’t yet got the clean one in place.


  3. A car seat. Even if you are planning on a home birth a car seat is a pretty essential item. If like most people, you have a hospital birth then this will be one of the very first things you need in order to get your baby safely home. Unless of course, you don’t have a car in which case you may prefer a stretchy wrap.
  4. Baby Grows. You need clothes for your baby but to begin with this really can just be a nice collection of all in one suits. They are easy to change, you don’t need to worry about cold toes, and a new baby can absolutely wear them day and night.
  5. Somewhere for baby to sleep. Most likely that will be either a cot or a co-sleeper. Depending on the size of your house you might also want to invest in a baby monitor.
  6. Feeding essentials. What you need for feeding very much depends on whether or not you plan on breastfeeding or not. But even if you do having a bottle or two and some formula for an emergency will massively reduce stress levels if things are hard. Burp cloths or muslins are essential either way.

Pretty much everything else you can figure out whether or not you need it as you go. Bips are pretty essential if you have a dribbly baby for example. And a push chair/pram or a carrier is also pretty essential but possibly not both.


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