Baby Essentials for First Time Mums


Whether you are looking for new mum gifts or about to become a first time mum, a list of essentials for first time mums, however subjective it might be, is always a good starting point.

There are obviously lots of things a first time mum will need. Some of them are obvious like a baby carrier or a pushchair, a car seat, nappies and wipes for the baby and muslins. And others might not be so obvious, especially if you’ve never been a new mum, like breast pads and nipple cream, postpartum pads, and loads of snacks.

Top Five Essentials for First Time Mothers

Here are our top 5 essentials for new parents, or just mums in general many of which would make great new mum gifts.

1. Nappies and Wipes

Babies need nappies and wipes. Essentially parents have two options, they can choose to use either disposable or reusable nappies and wipes. Or of course a combination of both. If you are thinking of using reusable nappies Baba Me have a fantastic range as well as a very knowledgeable team that can help you make the best choice for you and your baby.

If you are already a cloth nappy convert you might want to buy a sample kit for a new mum. There are some great kits for trying different options and they make a really great gift.

2. A Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are such a wonderful way for parents to bond with their babies as well as giving the ability to carry hands free. Mothers have carried their babies for thousands of years and many cultures have maintained the practice of baby carrying.

Many ergonomic carriers can be used from birth with an infant insert. And a carrier really is the most fantastic gift for any new parent.

3. An Insulated Mug and A Reusable Water Bottle

Feeding babies is thirsty work and it’s very easy to get stuck under a sleeping baby out of reach of your drink. Having an insulated cup means you get to drink a hot drink hours after you made it. And if you choose one that’s leak proof you can even have it next to you on the sofa.

In the same way a leak proof sports top bottle is pretty essential for night feeds or just having with you wherever you go.

4. Snacks

Snacks are essential for mums. Its hungry work feeding a newborn and waking up in the night sometimes requires chocolate.

5. New Mum Essentials

And mums don’t just need things for babies. Postpartum pads and breast pads are also essential items for new mothers and again both of these can be reusable rather than disposable.

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