Baby K'tan

Baby K’tan - the baby carrier that makes wrapping easy! The baby ktan is a unqiue carrier, a modern take on the stretchy style wraps. It is pre-tied so no need for long lengths of material to trip you up. Simply put it on like a t-shirt, then pop baby in and ensure you have the fabric back support up and you are set.

Babies loved to be carried in a baby carrier, and this design makes it much easier to wear your baby, without needing buckles or long lengths of fabric, it is so easy to put on and go!

Much research has been done on the benefits of using Baby carriers with premature babies or preemies, skin-to-skin care is now deemed essential for infant development in those vital early stages. This cotton baby carrier is very breathable and idea for parents to wear their babies without having to battle with a long piece of fabric, like a moby wrap. Just put the organic cotton carrier on and ensure the shoulders are spread and comfortable. The knit fabric is very breathable and is made without azo dyes which can harm your child.

This carrier does not have an adjustable back support so you need to ensure you have the correct fit, the Baby K’tan comes in 4 sizes. If you are sharing with your partner, this may be problematic and you may need two different sizes if you are two different weights. Whilst the manufacturer recommend this up to 3 years, realistically a child will not be comfortable in this past the 6-9 month mark and you will find the infant slips down and can become unsafe, in our opinion. Once they hit a certain weight, the distribution of the weight of this soft baby carrier is not that comfortable for the caregiver. If you are looking for a baby wrap or sling wrap which will last much longer, then ask us for our help! We can have you wrapping your child like a pro in no time!

Baba Me are the experts when it comes to getting the right baby sling for you. With 10 babywearing consultants on staff, who have done both Die Trageschule training (to certified level) and Slingababy training, you can rest assured we know our ring slings!

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Baby K'Tan

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