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It might feel like you've only just got your head around choosing the best nappies and baby wipes for your little one and suddenly you have to think about the best baby toothbrush. But starting good dental habits and oral care at a young age is one of the best things you can do for your child's health and well-being.

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Our range of baby and toddler toothbrushes goes from natural textured baby gum and tooth wipes to an electric toothbrush with soft bristles that plays music while your child brushes. Perfect for making oral care fun rather than a chore.

Looking after teeth and gums and practising good oral care should start at a young age if you want to ensure clean teeth and good oral health. Sure baby teeth fall out after a few years and get replaced but the new ones have to last them a lifetime. Developing a good dental care routine including regular brushing will stand them in good stead in the years to come.

We have safe, bpa free, and eco-friendly brush for every stage of your child's development from dental wipes and a finger brush with super soft silicone bristles to toothbrushes for babies made from corn starch and even an electric brush with replaceable brush heads designed to make oral care fun.

When should I start brushing my child’s teeth?

Most babies start to get their baby teeth at about 6-10 months and by 3 years of age they will usually have a full set of milk teeth. Baby's teeth are delicate and need to be looked after.

You can start to look after a baby's teeth and gums even before their first tooth appears using either the Jack N Jill tooth and gum dental wipes or their soft silicone finger brush. Made from food grade silicone the finger brush is a great training brush that gets babies used to the idea of having their teeth brushed. The soft silicone construction makes this a chewable toothbrush that can also be used to massage sore gums during teething. Just be aware that it is not a teether and should only be used by you.

Once your baby starts to get teeth poking through you can then start to use a soft brush. The bio brush has super soft bristles and can be used from babies first tooth again making it a great training brush for little ones. We love that this brush is made from corn starch, meaning that if you snap off the brush head the handle can go in your compost bin and will biodegrade in commercial compost within 90 days.

An alternative at this age is the Jack N Jill silicone toothbrush which is suitable for baby and toddler. Made from 100% food grade silicone it is pvc and bpa free and easy to clean and sterilise. The soft silicone bristles will gently keep teeth clean while your child gets used to tooth brushing and the included safety shield will stop baby and toddler pushing the brush head too far into their mouth. This is not designed as a chewable brush teether and should be used with adult supervision. However, as the silicone used is food grade and inert you don't need to panic if any bristles come off the brush head making it ideal to use as a training brush.

Unless recommended by your dentist it's generally considered you can brush baby & toddler teeth with water until they are 18 months old and use just a tiny smear of toothpaste until they are 3. The new Jack N Jill toothpaste is totally safe for your baby & toddler and we think one of the best baby toothpastes available. It's certified organic and 100% natural, rich in xylitol (good for oral health) and has organic calendula to soothe sore gums. Plus it comes in lots of yummy natural flavours.

Finally for ages 3 years and up the new buzzy brush musical electric brush is our top choice for a toddler brush. It has soft bristles, a rotary design for soft vibrations and is a great way to make dental care fun. This kids electric toothbrush has three settings so you can choose to brush to music (watch out it's a catchy tune), get herbal hints to tell kids which teeth to brush, or have it on silent. Each setting lasts for 2 minutes and will then switch off, a great feature for a kids electric brush. Electric brushes are a great way to ensure that children’s teeth are looked after.

Plus you can get replacement brush heads and the handle is made from recycled material making this a good eco-friendly option as well.

In general toothbrushes for babies should be soft with small brush heads making them easier to use and gentle on teeth and gums.

From when they are tiny the baby tooth and gum dental wipes are a great way to keep baby teeth and gums clean before babies are ready for an actual brush. They're super handy for travel and great for mum and dad too when you need a quick clean and don't have your electric brush to hand.

The silicone finger brush is the best baby’s first brush to use when your little one's baby teeth are just starting to emerge as the dimpled side can also be used to massage sore gums. This soft chewable brush gets them used to the routine of brushing and dental care. And the fact that it's a finger brush makes it easier to use on very little ones who might not want to stay still while you brush. You can also use it to apply their fabulous natural teething gel.

Jack N Jill Bio Toothbrushes. Super soft bristles make this a baby & toddler brush that is kind to sensitive teeth and gums. The handle is made from biodegradable (non GMO) corn starch meaning you can simply snap off the brush head and put the rest in the compost, making it top of the list for eco-credentials too.

The new Buzzy Brush is our favourite toddler brush. Similar to the brush-baby babysonic electric brush but with better eco-credentials and a catchy tune this is a great brush for taking the battle out of dental care. Replaceable heads mean this toddler brush should last for years and your child will learn how to brush independently in a fun way.

How do I clean my 1 year old’s teeth?

Once you have chosen the best toothbrush the challenge of managing to effectively keep their teeth clean begins. Whether you start with dental wipes, a finger brush or more traditional brushes children have to get used to the idea of having something in their mouths that they didn't put there. A chewable brush or training brush could help with this. As can watching you brush your teeth and setting an example for good oral care.

Not every baby & toddler will like having their teeth brushed so it's a good idea to start early with a soft brush (or even a teether) and to find ways to make tooth brushing fun.

Whether you are using a finger toothbrush or a regular soft brush we have found the best method is to sit them on your lap with their head resting on your shoulder. Although there are lots of positions to try and you might find the best position changes over the years.

You need to ensure all the surfaces of their teeth have been thoroughly cleaned but there's no reason they can't have a go as well and the more they practise now the better they will be when they get bigger.

Helpful Tip!

Why not build your own brush set and include a teether and teething gel for sore gums for babies or a brush timer and natural toothpaste for toddlers.

A brush set or care set full of natural products makes a great gift and is something a little bit different for birthdays or other occasions. We love the idea of a bathroom care set to include natural toiletries and reusable wipes as well as a training toothbrush and toothpaste.

And believe us children will be delighted if they get the new buzzy brush. Combine with a yummy toothpaste in their favourite flavour for a great toothbrush set for toddlers.

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