Baby Toothpaste

baby toothpasteBaby Toothpaste - Safe and Organic

Get babies and young children used to having their teeth brushed and encourage good dental habits with our range of safe natural baby toothpaste and toothbrushes. You can start getting babies used to having their teeth and gums brushed even before teeth arrive using a soft bristled brush and the lightest of touch.

Once teeth appear use a tiny amount of toxin-free natural baby toothpaste. Fluoride might be recommended by your dentist as your child gets older but when they are very young they tend to swallow so you're likely to want something as natural as possible and safe for babies. Green people and Jack N Jill both make super safe fluoride free toothpaste in yummy kid friendly flavours, and Green People also have a Mandarin and Fluoride variety for if your dentist recommends. 


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