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Baby Toys

What are the best toys for babies?

The best baby toys are those that help your baby learn and develop without even realising it. Shop a fantastic range of beautiful that have been specially designed to stimulate young minds. Choose handcrafted wooden toys, sustainably made and painted in child-safe water based stains. Natural rubber teethers and bath toys to soothe troubled gums and encourage bath time play. Baby sensory toys to stimulate sight, sound and touch. And beautiful soft toys, comforters, pram toys and rattles that are perfect for little hands.

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Bath time fun!
£34.49   £29.30
Moulin Roty Horse Activity Spiral
£36.24   £28.99
Moulin Roty Les Pachats Grey mouse doll
£29.95   £23.96
Moulin Roty Sheep doll
£28.99   £23.19
Moulin Roty Les Zazous Hippo doll
£28.96   £23.17
Moulin Roty La Bande a Basile Blue rabbit doll
£24.95   £19.96
Moulin Roty Les Zazous Small Hippo
£22.50   £18.00
Moulin Roty Assorted Rattles
£21.79   £17.43
Moulin Roty Little Leon the hedgehog
£19.99   £15.99
Moulin Roty Little Walter the dog
£19.99   £15.99
Moulin Roty Dog ring rattle
£19.87   £15.90
Moulin Roty Sheep teething ring
£18.74   £14.99
Moulin Roty Assorted Tartempois Rattles
£18.12   £14.50
Grimms Beads Grasper
£16.00   £13.60
Moulin Roty Grey cat rattle
£16.99   £13.59
Heimess Touch ring rainbow
Moulin Roty Tiny Isidore the owl
£15.62   £12.50
Moulin Roty Mouse squeaky toy
£15.50   £12.40
Moulin Roty Tiny Albert the sheep
£15.50   £12.40
Moulin Roty Tiny Walter the dog
£15.50   £12.40
Bigjigs Rainbow Roller
£9.95   £8.46
Heimess Clip frog
Heimess Soother chain cars
Heimess Touch ring hedgehog with pearls
Heimess Soother chain ladybird I
Bigjigs Rainbow Rattle
£7.45   £6.33
Heimess Soother chain ladybird
Heimess Touch ring elastic ladybird I
Heimess Touch ring rainbow pearls
Bigjigs Activity Ball
£6.95   £5.91
Plan Toys Dino Car - Diplo
£5.99   £5.09
Plan Toys Dino Car - Rex
£5.99   £5.09
Plan Toys Dino Car - Stego
£5.99   £5.09
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Baby & Toddler Toys

When it comes to babies only the best is good enough. As parents, we want to choose baby & toddler toys that will delight and inspire little ones whilst being completely safe for little hands and mouths. Our range of baby and infant toys have all been chosen with children in mind, they are safe, age-appropriate, and provide plenty of sensory stimulation, because after all early learning is all about play.

So whether you are looking for gift ideas for a new baby, a baby shower gift, something fun to encourage rolling and crawling, or ride-on toys and baby walkers for babies taking their first steps, we have the perfect items for everyone.

Newborns - Baby toys 0-6 months

For newborns playtime is simply gazing into your eyes. But as they grow they quickly enjoy discovering the world around them. Providing toys that are geared towards early learning and sensory development will help build vital neural pathways. Wooden toys and soft toys are perfect for a new baby as they are tactile and sensory without being over stimulating. You don't have to worry about wooden toys going in their mouths and they are often designed to grow with your child. Baby dolls and teddy bears for example are loved by babies but also make great toddler toys.

Soft Toys

Soft cuddly toys with bright or contrasting colours and lots of textures are perfect for new babies. We especially love the ones that have bits that crinkle or rattle. Different colours, textures and noises are all perfect for engaging the senses, stimulating development as little ones they interact with the world around them and learn through play.

Moulin Roty has a wonderful range of teddies and comforters that are suitable from birth. A French company started in a commune in the 1970’s, Moulin Roty remains a cooperative to this day and has stayed true to their founding values of solidarity, cooperation and respect. Their high-quality play things are made with beautiful fabrics designed to delight and chosen to be non-toxic and gentle.

Every one of their baby & toddler toys has been beautifully designed. Children love the different colours and textures of the fabric as well as the tabs, teething rings, rattles and loops.

Their soft rattles are perfect for tiny tots. They love to watch and listen as you play with a rattle in front of their faces in the early days. A soft rattle is perfect as they learn to grasp and grab and create endless smiles as they learn how to move their bodies to make the noise. Some of them even have little mirrors for them to catch sight of their reflection as they play.

Activity and Pram Toys

As babies grow their lifes become less about sleeping and eating and more about playing with toys.
By two to three months old having things you can attach to their pram, cot or car seat is a great way to keep your little one entertained and learning. 

Many of the Moulin Roty characters come with little loops for easy attachment and we love the gorgeous organic Nanchen dolls. The ring makes them easy to attach to a pram or cot and they are perfect to chew on when teeth start coming through.

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys are the perfect way to keep your little one entertained whilst at the same time helping them with early development skills. Babies learn about the world around them through the senses of sight, sound and touch. Engaging these senses helps build nerve connections in the brain, making it vital for learning and development.

Choosing items for your little ones that give lots of sensory stimulation will mean they are constantly discovering something new every time they play, much better than paw patrol or peppa pig.

Sensory play can involve lots of other things too. There are plenty of wonderful ideas for messy play, such as jelly, spaghetti and mud. These games engage the senses and allow your baby to discover different textures, temperatures and smells. But sometimes it’s nice to know you are catering to their developmental needs without having a huge amount of mess to clean up afterwards.

Baby Toys 6-12 Months

Many of the toys you bought for your new arrivals will still be loved and played with at 6 months and beyond.

Little one's begin to understand emotions more at this age and you may see them starting to become attached to their teddy bears or comforters so it can be a lovely age to introduce a soft doll such as those by Rubens Barn.

They also begin to understand cause and effect at this age so noisy toys such as rattles are great fun at this age. And with this comes better hand eye coordination. Stacking games and building blocks are perfect for building hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and early learning about sorting and matching. Plus they make great toddler toys so end up being loved for years.

Another purchase you might want to make at this stage is a walker or activity learning centre. Many of our baby walkers double a learning centre with shape sorters, sliders and mirrors or building blocks that will encourage fine and gross motor skills and can be played with before they start standing and walking.

Gift Ideas

Here are a few of our favourite sensory toys. Great gift ideas that parent, baby & toddler will love

  • A simple rattle is wonderful for stimulating the senses and encouraging learning. Children will learn hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and cause and effect as they figure out how to make the sound. And even the tiniest tots will love listening to the noise as you shake a rattle for them.

  • A rainmaker is also a wonderful twist on a rattle that is great for sensory play. The calming sound is perfect for developing auditory skills. As with all musical instruments, this will be played with for years in different ways as your little one grows.

  • Balls are as they encourage movement, strength building and the development of gross motor skills. Specially designed sensory balls such as the BigJigs sensory spikey  ball and the Plan Toys sensory tumbling balls have the added benefit of different textures for baby to discover.

  • Books. Reading with your child at any age is one of the best gifts you can give them. Even from a young age, the sound of your voice and looking at the pictures is a great learning activity. Cloth books or the Plan Toys mirror book are perfect infant toys.

  • Every child should have a set of building blocks. They have been a staple for generations and with good reason as they offer so many opportunities for learning and developing through play as well as being a wonderful way to interact with your child.

  • Bath toys are great for sensory play as they automatically include water in the equation. Make every bath time a voyage of discovery with boats, ducks, cars and more.

Free delivery and no quibble returns on infant toys

As with everything on the site we offer fast free delivery on orders over £40, the opportunity for next day delivery and a 30 day no quibble returns policy so you can shop online with confidence. Or if you happen to live close by choose click & collect and come visit in store.

And why not join our online community to keep up to date with the latest news, find out about new arrivals and enjoy lots of exclusive offers on baby toys, natural baby products and more..