Babylonia Baby Slings

Babylonia slings are woven baby carriers made from fair trade and organic cotton.

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Babylonia Bb Slen
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They have several baby carriers including traditional woven wraps, which they call the bb-slen and ring slings which they call the bb sling.

Woven baby slings can often be daunting when you first come across them, but they are the best thing for you and newborn babies. Once you have mastered the technique of wrapping the fabric around your infant, you can be hands-free and enjoy close time so easily. We love woven wrap fabric slings like Babylonia at Baba Me, so versatile, so many carrying options and positions and perfect for everyone!

Ring slings, once mastered and very quick to put on and ideal for carriers on the go, especially if you prefer not to have a buckle baby carrier. You can position your baby on your hip or front with a ring sling and like all of our baby carriers are ergonomic and promote healthy hip development. This baby wrap is ideal for a man or a woman and it spreads weight evenly. We prefer ring slings for short journeys, over a few hours they can be more uncomfortable.

Babylonia also do mei tais and pouch slings, however, we have chosen, based on our baby sling expertise not to stock these. If you would like further information on these, just ask us. Remember we have 10 baby carrying/babywearing consultants on staff who have all completed either Trageschule training - right up to certified level OR Slingababy training. Pop us an email if you want expert advice tailored specifically for you and your family!

When using any type of sling, ensure you always follow the HANDS rule when putting them on.

H - Hands-free. If you feel the need to hold or support your baby, readjust your carrier.
A - Airway - this is free and not compromised.
N - Knees - it is very important that your child is seated in a knee to knee position - knees as high as the bum and supported but can still swing freely.
D - Your infant has a nice deep seat.
S - Supported. Their neck and back are fully supported.

Why we love Babylonia Slings:

  • Organic Cotton Fabric slings
  • Fairtrade baby wraps
  • Lovely Colours
  • Great option for newborn babies
  • One size will do babies and toddlers

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