Bambu - Eco-Friendly Tableware and Utensils

Bambu create eco-friendly dinnerware and utensils made from Bamboo in an ethical factory which follows fair labour practices and safe working conditions. The handmade Bambu dinnerware is made from organic bamboo, a renewable resource, and infused with oil, are the perfect alternative to plastic plates and disposable dinnerware.

The high-quality bamboo products range, encompass both cutlery and plates and bowls and recently they have launched bamboo trays. They even have cutlery for babies and children, which is chunky enough for them to hold and use easily. They have an extensive bamboo utensils range, which makes a great alternative to wooden cutlery when trying to go green in the kitchen. We love their cutting boards and breadboards, which have in-built crumb capture options.

Bambu - Eco Friendly Alternatives

The bamboo plant is super fast growing, making this is a very sustainable material to use, and it makes beautiful looking tableware and is food safe. The bamboo plates are certified organic are compostable and are nearly as good as using palm leaf for your disposable plate options and are compostable. So ditch the plastic dishes and go for bamboo plates!

Handcrafted with care, the reusable bamboo dinnerware is durable, long lasting and made from sustainable materials and are designed to reduce our reliance on plastic utensils. They have beautifully crafted bamboo chopping boards and bamboo kitchen utensils, practical and durable as well as stylish in any home which makes perfect eco-friendly gifts.

Why we love Bambu:

Hand Crafted
Made at Source
Sustainable Materials and environmentally friendly
Fair labour practices
Durable products perfect for food use

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