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Pretend play, fun and learning doesn't have to stay on dry land. With our beautiful range of bath toys, your child's fun-filled development can continue in the water. Bath toys aren't only great to keep children amused as they wash. They also make bath time fun. Super helpful if you have a little one who has fear of bath time or water.
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Just B Boat-A-Float
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Oli & Carol Carlito Vanilla
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Oli & Carol Carlito Pink
Oli & Carol Carlito Purple
Oli & Carol Carlito White
Green Toys Ferry Boat with Cars
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Green Toys Oceanbound Tide Pool Set
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Green Toys Seacopter Blue Top
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Green Toys Submarine Blue Handle
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Just B Snail Teether
Just B Whale teether
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Plan Toys Sailing Boat-Polar Bear
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Plan Toys Sea Life Bath Set
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Green Toys Tugboat RED HANDLE
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Way To Play Grand Prix Set
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Natural rubber and wooden bath time toys from boats to whales and the favourite rubber duck.

Splishing and splashing in the bath is fun. And it's a great way to spend some time together winding down at the end of the day. And because playing is learning for babies and children, bath time is a great way to continue their physical, cognitive and social development.

Baby bath toys are great for developing hand-eye coordination. It's trickier than you might think to reach through the water and grasp at moving rubber ducks or boats. Pouring water from one container to another builds dexterity and helps children gain an understanding of cause and effect.

As children grow and develop bath time can be a great way to introduce basic science concepts of buoyancy and volume. Figuring out why some things float and some things sink as they play. Looking at water displacement. And developing language and vocabulary with concepts such as full or empty, wet and dry.

It's amazing when you think about it how educational your nightly bath time ritual can be.

Eco-Friendly Bath Toys

Of course, the top criteria for any toy is that they have to be safe and they have to be fun. Tub toys included. As well as choosing toys that are engaging and inspiring for children, we also strive to choose toys that are environmentally responsible as well.

Our great range of bath toys all come from companies that are committed to looking after our planet as well as our children.

Plan Toys amazing bathtub toys are made from PlanWood. This versatile material is made from waste wood. And not just any waste wood, this is sawdust that was originally a by-product of the creation of their amazing wooden toys. 

The sawdust is turned into toys via pressure moulding requiring a tiny amount of formaldehyde-free glue, and coloured using organic eco-friendly colourants. PlanWood is highly water resistant making it perfect for . Even the wood they use in the first place is sustainable. It all comes from dying rubber trees sourced within a 30km radius of the factory. These are trees used in the production of natural rubber that have reached the end of their useful life and would have been cut down anyway to make space for new trees.

Oli and Carol make 100% natural rubber toys that can be used for teething, playing or in the bath. Rubber trees are grown around the world in countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand and India. The sap from the plant is the basic raw material in the production of natural rubber. To gather the sap an incision is made into the bark of a rubber tree called tapping. A cup is then used to collect it as it runs out.

The end result is a completely natural product that is then handcrafted and hand painted using food-safe natural dyes. Natural rubber is non-toxic and very hygienic. And unlike many plastic bath toys, they don't have holes in meaning there's no risk of water getting trapped inside and going mouldy. Great for the planet and your kids.

And Just B's colourful offerings are a little different from your average toys. Not just the way they look but also the fact that all their packaging is recyclable and much of it is already recycled. They make it as minimal as possible and often re-usable in its current form. And all their bath toys are phthalate and lead-free.

Splishy Splashy Bath Time Fun

Oli and Carol Bath Toys

For fans of the humble rubber duck, every bath should have one, we stock the beautiful Oli and Carol Elvis duck. There are lots of different colours available. You could choose to match your bathroom decor or pick your child's favourite colour. There’s even a gold spotty one for those that love a bit of sparkle.

Also in the Oli and Carol range are beautiful Origami boats and lovely little cars. Because let’s face it cars are just as much fun in the water as they are on dry land. Their whole range is made using rubber from the Hevea Malaysian tree. They are completely BPA, PVC, phthalate and Nitrosamine free. They float and they are great to chew. Perfect for baby bath time fun.

Plan Bath Toys

Just like having a rubber duck, no bath time would be complete without a set of cups to fill and pour from. We love the Plan Toys fountain bowl set for something a little bit different. The three different sized bowls have different volumes and different numbers of holes. Perfect for experimenting with water flow and seeing which bowl will empty first. These are also great for playing outside in the summer with water or sand.

The Plan fishing boats with their cute animal characters are great for encouraging hand-eye coordination and fine motor development. You can blow them around the bath using the little sail. Or hone dexterity by taking the characters in and out without making the boat sink.

The activity boat is perfect for some bath time fishing fun and there's even a floating island. These sets are perfect to encourage pretend play. Children can use the little characters to create adventures as they dive in and out of the water. Plus there's a certain amount of skill involved to keep the island afloat. No big waves or your little turtle might end up in the water before he was planning to.

Don't worry though. There is always the Plan submarine. Ready to come to the rescue of anything that ends up on the bottom of the tub. Perfect for rescuing the sea life animals which can either float on the surface or sink to the bottom if you allow them to fill with water. Another great learning opportunity.

Just B Bath Toys

The just B wee B splashy set comes with different toys and a set of water sieves that stack nest. They have holes in making them ideal to begin teaching basic science concepts or provide a sensory experience for baby. This set comes in a handy bath toy storage tub making clean up easy too.

For slightly older children the Just B Fish and Splish will lead to hours of bath time adventures. This is a great set containing everything you could need. The fishing boat comes complete with a captain, life buoy, a fishing hook, four fish and a set of three stacking and pouring cups.

You even get a funky little octopus comb and a fishy nail brush to make the necessary evils of bath time a bit more fun. And again everything packs neatly away into the floating boat when it's time to get dry. Bath toy storage is important to ensure bath toys air dry properly, this, in turn, will help to reduce mould and mildew build up.

Sensory Play

Bath time is also a great opportunity for sensory play in general. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your child and most kids love a good soak in a nice warm bath.

Here are some extra ideas to make bath time even more fun:

  • Bath Bombs - we all know that these are a great way for us to relax in the bath so why not let the kids enjoy them too. We stock an amazing range of bath melts and bath fizzers that are 100% natural. Kids will love to watch them fizz and melt into the water. And relaxing essential oils will help them drift off to sleep. Just check the ingredients as some essential oils are not recommended for young babies.
  • Scents - even just adding a few drops of essential oil to the bath will make for a different sensory experience. Try a couple of drops of lavender for it’s calming properties at bedtime.
  • Colours - add a few drops of food colouring to the water for a magically different experience. This can be done alongside different scents as well.
  • Bubbles - Everyone loves bubbles. Just make sure you choose natural bubbles that will be kind to delicate skin.
  • Washable watercolour paints - All you need is some child-safe washable watercolour paints and you’re away. This is a great activity for the bath. Little ones can get fully involved with painting and yet its easy to wipe up the mess afterwards. Or you can make shaving foam paint by stirring in a few drops of food colouring.
  • Ice cubes - This is a very simple activity but great for learning about the differences in temperature and fun to play with. Especially if you make them different colours.
  • Balloons - either filled with water or not balloons make a great addition to water play.

The History of the Rubber Duck

The rubber duck or rubber ducky toy as it is affectionately known is traditionally a yellow rubber duck with an orange beak, that floats on water. They were first created in the 1800's using vulcanised rubber that didn't float. as they were cast from solid rubber they were intended to be a chew toy.

By the 1940's the ducks had been made to float and were used in the bath. The popularity of the rubber ducky intensified when the television series Sesame Street released the song "rubber duckie" that Ernie sang to his favourite bath companion. In the song rubber duckie's Birthday was January 13th, therefore, this date is now regarded as national rubber ducky day.

In modern day, charities and groups regularly use the toys in a rubber duck race or rubber duck regatta to raise money. Racing ducks have a USB flash drive tracker implanted into them. Making it easy to track which one travels furthest or fastest. The Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created the world's largest rubber duck sculpture which featured a giant rubber duck which was 46ft high and 55ft wide. It was even found that the ducks are imprintable so have been used for orphan ducklings to imprint on as they grow and learn to swim.

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber begins it's life on rubber plantations, although many different plants can be used the most popular is Hevea brasiliensis. In natural rubber production, the sap is collected then refined and made into a jelly before it is rolled flat and cut into rubber sheets. Another way to work with the sap is called vulcanising. The vulcanisation method of natural rubber production prevents polymer chains from moving so vulcanised rubber has a greater tensile strength. It is also more elasticated and reforms it's original state once it is let go.

Synthetic rubber is a man-made polymer that is created using a mixture of petroleum bi-products. Different types of synthetic rubber include Acrylic Rubber, Butadiene Rubber, Isoprene Rubber, Silicone Rubber and Styrene-Butadiene Rubber. The process used to create these are similar and use Petrochemical feedstocks with crude oil being the main raw material. This is then mixed with gases to become a dry rubber latex which is shipped to be formed into different products.

Although some products require the different chemical versions of synthetic rubber, our natural rubber toys ensure that your child won't come into contact with any harmful chemicals.

Although the properties of natural and synthetic rubber are similar, each can be better suited to particular jobs. Rubber degradation due to environmental factors such as heat and light can be worse in natural rubber but this is widely accepted as it's the only drawback. High abrasion resistance, tensile strength and other desirable physical properties of natural rubber mean it is well suited as a material for rubber bands, conveyor belts, shoe soles, toys and car tires. The exceptionally high water resistance of this material means it is perfect for the production of bathtub toys.

Bath Toys You Might Like:


Baby Bath Toys: Baby Toys for Fun Bath Times

Our lovely selection of is perfect for little ones in or out of the tub. Bath toys are perfect for keeping children engaged while they wash and for making bath time fun. Plus they are the perfect way to continue learning and development.

Splashing in the warm bath water is a fun sensory experience as it is. Add bubbles or toys and you have an even greater sensory experience. Babies will discover how their bodies feel differently in the water and will enjoy grasping at things that feel different now they are wet.

Adding a few drops of essential oil (always check first that they are suitable for babies) can add another sensory experience as well as helping baby relax and wind down. Perfect if a bath if part of the bedtime routine.

Having a good collection of bath toys as babies grow can also be good for little ones who don’t enjoy bath time as much. Having fun toys that are reserved exclusively for bath time could be just the incentive they need to have fun getting wet (and clean). The Just B Fish and Splish boat is the perfect toy for this as the toys include a nail brush and a comb.


Oli and Carol Baby Bath Toys: Baby Toys from the Oli and Carol Collection

These gorgeous natural rubber teethers are perfect baby bath toys for little ones to play within the bath. Made from 100% natural latex taken from Hevea Malaysian trees and hand painted with safe, natural food graded dyes. Making these lovely baby bath toys ecologic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly.

Plus the fact that they are Non-Toxic: BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free, means they are perfect for little hands and mouths.

And not only are they safe for baby and the environment natural rubber is also naturally anti-bacterial and highly hygienic. Plus they have no holes in like a lot of bath toys meaning you won’t get any nasties building up inside.

Carlito makes the perfect first car for a baby and can be happily taken anywhere. The bathtub, the car, or the sandpit. And the charming origami boat floats like a dream and has so many great bits for chewing on. Your child will love it.

Just B Baby Bath Toys

Just B’s range of baby bath toys is bright, colourful and perfect for inspiring babies and children in every situation.

The Just B Natural rubber teethers all make great bath toys for babies. They are made from 100% natural rubber meaning they are totally safe for little mouths with no risk of nasties. Plus, they have been specially designed to be easy to grab and chew.

These beautiful characters are perfect for bathtime fun, especially the crab and the whale who will be very eager to join in with some water play. And they’ll even have a little squeak when you squeeze them.

The Just B Wee Splashy set has everything you need for bath time including 3 sprinkly cups that stack and nest, 2 squeezy, squirty sea creatures, 3 soft wash flannels with the B logo, a mini boat with captain and lifesaver, as well as a tub to store and drain your toys after that long play in the bath or outdoors. This lovely set even comes with a gift tag on the packaging so you can just give as present or personalise it.

In fact, all the Just B range use minimal packaging that is mostly recycled and much of which can be used again. Making it a great brand for baby and the planet.

And we love the Just B Fish & Splish set. This fabulous fishing boat is packed full of bath time fun including a set of three cups, a boat and it’s captain, a fishing rod and fish. This is a great toy for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well as learning about cause and effect.

Teaching children to keep clean is easy too, as the whale is a smart nailbrush and the octopus is wide-toothed hair comb.

Plan Toys Baby Bath Toys

Plan Toys innovative PlanWood, made from sawdust created in their factory, is the perfect material for bath toys.

Use the submarine to dive deep and explore underwater worlds where you might find all sorts of sea creatures. The Plan Toys sea life bath set, including a dolphin, turtle, starfish and oyster makes the perfect partner as the animals will slowly sink to the bottom as they fill with water ready to be discovered by intrepid explorers.

These sea creatures are also great for squirting each other as baby get a bit bigger. As parents, you will also love the fact that PlanWood toys can safely go in the dishwasher making them easy to clean if they get really grubby. Although as will all bath toys it’s best to make sure they are fully drained after the bath and leave them to air dry.

The delightful little sailing boats will also be sure to make bath time loads of fun. Choose from a seal, walrus. Polar bear or penguin to race across the bathtub. The boats float brilliantly and have a real little sail to catch the breeze meaning they are also perfect for outdoor play and learning about wind power. And kids will love trying to blow them across the water at bath time.

As with all our high-quality toys, our range of eco-friendly baby bath toys comes from hand-picked manufacturers we trust. And as with everything at Babame you get fast free shipping on orders over £40 and a 30 day no quibble returns policy so you can shop online with confidence.

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