Beard Grooming

beard grooming

All the beard grooming products you need to keep facial hair at it's best

100% natural beard balms and products that are specifically made to give your beard the look and natural oils it needs. Beard oils will help replenish natural oils that are stripped away by washing and balms and waxes can be used for gentle styling. 

Shaving Your Beard

Shaving and cutting the beard is a part of the beard grooming process that many men don’t do right. Using a pair of clippers or specific beard-cutting tools, cut up until your neck meets your under the jaw. One should not shave the portion of the beard that is under the jaw if he wants a fully flourishing and outstanding one. Only a fine pair of beard clippers should be used for this job but a pair of ordinary clippers will suffice if you don’t have a choice. It’s advisable to invest in a beard clipper kit if you plan to grow your beard out or maintain any degree of your beard. They will make your time grooming a lot easier.

Beard Oils & Washing

Prior to the existence of effective balms and oils people would wash their beards with hair shampoo and not give really any care to the integrity of the beard. Now balms and oils are readily available and men with beards are starting to pay attention to what they wash it with and what they put in it. There are many benefits of a quality beard oil, but what is it and what’s it all about? In different types of beard oils from different brands, you will encounter many mixtures to give each particular one their characteristics and aroma.

These oils not only smell good but also hydrate the skin and your beard. Apply just enough, according to the application instructions on your bottle and it will also keep your beard nice and shiny all day, an essential part of the beard grooming process. Beard oils also help soften the skin and hairs when applied. What’s the use of this? Well, you want an optimal surface for your hair to grow on and it helps to get a nice full beard. The oils will then soften the hairs, negating itchiness and irritation that generally happens with dryness.

Beard Balms

Beard balms are essentially made either for conditioning, typically made from shea or other kinds of butter. Other balms available on the market help sculpt your beard, rather than softening the hair. You can even use balms and oils together or use them individually. Beard balms and oils are both great for grooming your beard. Avoid cheaply made balms by checking for silicon or other materials in the ingredients. You may see butter in quality type balms. Some people like balms, some like oils and others will use both. It can be a personal preference, when you get into your beard grooming regime, you will know which you prefer.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Refrain from using shampoos that are meant for hair. They are much different from shampoos made for your beard and may leave it dry. Also, you may not want to wash your beard every day. This is for the reason mentioned previously. Your hair has natural oils that keep it healthy. You don’t want to overwash and deplete these natural oils. This is also why you want to use shampoo dedicated to beards, when you start beard grooming. You don’t need to use any conditioners. Just use a beard balm after washing and you will be good to go. There are many good alternatives for shampoo on the market. Make sure you go with one that’s made for your beard. You may also be able to get away with natural soaps.

How to apply beard oils or balms

Beard oils typically come in a spray bottle and can be easily sprayed into your beard or onto your hand to lather in. Balms can be cupped up by using two fingers and then lathered with your four fingers until ready to apply. When applying, simply put the lathered areas of your fingers to the area of your beard you want to apply it to. Now, following the direction of your hairs, lather the balm into your beard and repeat on the other side of your face. This same application method should be used for beard oils as well. Keep in mind, you don’t want to apply too much but perfection comes with practice and you will eventually have the beard you’ve always wanted.

Trimming While Growing your Beard

In the process of growing your hair, you may be inclined to keep trimming it to keep it neat. The thing is, you’re only going to keep it short. We suggest using a set of beard trimmers and focusing on areas such as the neck and by the ear. These areas can be trimmed without cutting back on the length of the actual bear. Just be sure to use a good pair of beard trimmers to do the cutting and trimming with.

Using a Comb on your Beard

There are many questions at that moment you decide to start combing your beard so that it looks better. Maybe you have been combing and are doing it wrong. Did you know your comb makes a big difference? You can get great beard combs from any beard grooming supply companies. There are a lot out there so you won’t need to search for long. Wide teeth on your comb are great for simply running the comb through your beard without much of a hassle. It’s also a good idea to keep a brush that has narrow teeth handy. Narrow teeth make combing the moustache area of your beardlesss of a hassle so you look and feel your best afterward.

So Beards, where do you go

Remember, you don’t want to wash your beard too much and when you do, use shampoos specifically made for your beard. If you care about your beard you will also use beard oils and balms. They will keep your beard much more healthy and not to mention look much better. Using a comb is good as well, especially right after blow drying. If you take care of your beard properly, you will love it and it will grow fuller.