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Do you have a beard?

Beards are awesome, but they can be difficult to take care of. Our natural beard products will help your beard look and feel its best! We've got beard balms for nourishment and beard oils for hydration, as well as beard waxes to keep it looking great all day long. You'll love how our natural beard care products make your beard look and feel! Give your beard the attention it deserves with our 100% natural products.

Your beard is an important part of who you are - give it the TLC it deserves with our 100% natural products that will leave you feeling confident every time you step out into public. Use these amazing tools to style, shape, groom, moisturise and more so that your face looks great no matter what situation arises!

Beard Care Kits & Tips

Tame your beard. Beard wax gives great shape while conditioning at the same time. So you can twiddle your moustache into impressive styles and know that your facial hair is being kept in great condition with all natural ingredients.

Fantastic range of high quality, premium Beard Oil which will help nourish your beard, polish your beard and stop beard irritation! Beard oil will give a healthy shine and moisturise your skin underneath to prevent future dryness. The beard oils help your beard smell amazing, ours are full of natural ingredients so are ideal for those with sensitive skin.


Shaving and cutting the beard is a part of the beard grooming process that many men don't do right. Using a pair of clippers or specific beard-cutting tools, cut up until your neck meets your under the jaw. One should not shave the portion of the beard that is under the jaw if he wants a fully flourishing and outstanding one.

Only a fine pair of beard clippers should be used for this job but a pair of ordinary clippers will suffice if you don't have a choice. It's advisable to invest in a beard clipper kit if you plan to grow your beard out or maintain any degree of your beard. They will make your time grooming a lot easier.

Oils & Washing

Prior to the existence of effective balms and oils people would wash their beards with hair shampoo and not give really any care to the integrity of the beard. Now balms and oils are readily available and men with beards are starting to pay attention to what they wash it with and what they put in it.

There are many benefits of a quality beard oil, but what is it and what's it all about? In different types of beard oils from different brands, you will encounter many mixtures to give each particular one their characteristics and aroma.

These oils not only smell good but also hydrate the skin and your beard. Apply just enough, according to the application instructions on your bottle and it will also keep your beard nice and shiny all day, an essential part of the beard grooming process.

Beard oils also help soften the skin and hairs when applied. What's the use of this? Well, you want an optimal surface for your hair to grow on and it helps to get a nice full beard. The oils will then soften the hairs, negating itchiness and irritation that generally happens with dryness.


Beard balms are essentially made either for conditioning, typically made from shea or other kinds of butter. Other balms available on the market help sculpt your beard, rather than softening the hair. You can even use balms and oils together or use them individually. Beard balms and oils are both great for grooming your beard.

Avoid cheaply made balms by checking for silicon or other materials in the ingredients. You may see butter in quality type balms. Some people like balms, some like oils and others will use both. It can be a personal preference, when you get into your beard grooming regime, you will know which you prefer.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Refrain from using shampoos that are meant for hair. They are much different from shampoos made for your beard and may leave it dry. Also, you may not want to wash your beard every day. This is for the reason mentioned previously. Your hair has natural oils that keep it healthy. You don't want to overwash and deplete these natural oils.

This is also why you want to use shampoo dedicated to beards, when you start beard grooming. You don't need to use any conditioners. Just use a beard balm after washing and you will be good to go. There are many good alternatives for shampoo on the market. Make sure you go with one that's made for your beard. You may also be able to get away with natural soaps.

How to apply beard oils or balms

Beard oils typically come in a spray bottle and can be easily sprayed into your beard or onto your hand to lather in. Balms can be cupped up by using two fingers and then lathered with your four fingers until ready to apply. When applying, simply put the lathered areas of your fingers to the area of your beard you want to apply it to.

Now, following the direction of your hairs, lather the balm into your beard and repeat on the other side of your face. This same application method should be used for beard oils as well. Keep in mind, you don't want to apply too much but perfection comes with practice and you will eventually have the beard you've always wanted.


In the process of growing your hair, you may be inclined to keep trimming it to keep it neat. The thing is, you're only going to keep it short. We suggest using a set of beard trimmers or a beard trimming kit and focusing on areas such as the neck and by the ear. These areas can be trimmed without cutting back on the length of the actual bear. Just be sure to use a good pair of beard trimmers to do the cutting and trimming with.


There are many questions at that moment you decide to start combing your beard so that it looks better. Maybe you have been combing and are doing it wrong. Did you know your comb makes a big difference? You can get great beard combs from any beard grooming supply company. There are a lot out there so you won't need to search for long.

Wide teeth on your comb are great for simply running the comb through your beard without much of a hassle. It's also a good idea to keep a brush that has narrow teeth handy. Narrow teeth make combing the moustache area of your beardless of a hassle so you look and feel your best afterward.

What’s next?

Remember, you don't want to wash your beard too much and when you do, use shampoos specifically made for your beard and other beard care products. If you care about your beard you will also use beard oils and balms.

They will keep your beard much more healthy and not to mention look much better. Using a comb is good as well, especially right after blow drying. If you take care of your beard properly, you will love it and it will grow fuller.

All Natural Balm

Condition your beard and provide a gentle styling hold with our all natural beard balm. Packed full of essential oils that will make your beard or moustache smell great as well as looking great.

Grooming Kits

Get everything you need to keep your beard in great condition, looking healthy and smelling amazing with our all natural beard grooming kits. Perfect for men who like to look after their beards.

p>Beard oil is essential for keeping a healthy beard and is used these days more than ever in history. What's with the spark of beard oil usage around the UK and other countries? Well, beard oil has now become popular among a larger crowd, but they have always been used by men to polish their beards and to stop beard itch.

It may not seem so but beard oil is important, especially if you are growing out your beard and want it to be soft and less irritating, or you want it to be as healthy as possible. If you have a large beard and it's causing itchiness or the skin underneath dries out frequently, you need to start using a beard oil. Even if your beard isn't itchy, you can still use a beard oil to give it a healthy shine and moisturise the skin underneath to prevent future dryness. The beard oil helps your beard smell amazing, ours are full of natural ingredients so are ideal for those with sensitive skin.


If you want to take care of your beard, beard oil is important. If you have trouble finding the right beard oil for you, we will outline some of the things that make the job easier. Some of the best ingredients you want in a quality beard oil consist of essential oils which will hydrate and soften your beard.

With beard oil, your beard will not only be healthy, but it will also look great and with a great looking beard you will get tons of compliments. Everybody loves a healthy beard, even your partner will love your beard when it's healthy. Even a long beard will still smell fresh and with our premium beard oil, these will leave your beard feeling great, they will reduce irritations and beard conditioning will be top notch!

Beard hair is different from head hair so if you need to condition it, you should not use typical conditioners. You will also not use the typical shampoos. Simply use a brush to clean through and then after washing, simply apply the beard oil and lather it in. Use the brush again to straighten your beard and get the beard oil deep and that's it. It's super simple. Beard oil is also used to provide a great scent.>

Are Balms and Butters the Same as Oils?

Beard oil may include balms and butter but for our beard oil, we will be covering just the oil and liquid type that include the essential oils that your beard will need. What happens without proper moisture? Well, you get a dried beard with split ends and skin problems. These are bad things that nobody wants. A healthy beard also protects the skin underneath.

What is the difference between beard oil, balms, and butter? All are used to moisturise the beard and your skin but are applied and work in different ways. Beard oil is made to sink deep into your hair, skin, and follicles. They give a deep shine and typically are used sparingly as you don't need much for an application.

Balms and butter on the other hand are much thicker creams that you need to lather in, usually using a comb or brush after application. None, however, should be used as a shampoo or wash for your beard.

More Benefits of Oil

What other benefits does beard oil have? We already mentioned the positive benefits to moisturising and softening the beard, but there are other benefits from using Beard Oil as well. Beard oil is also said to accelerate growth. This is because it keeps the skin healthy. With healthy skin comes a healthy beard.

Consider your beard and the skin underneath as an ecosystem. You want every part of the ecosystem to be healthy in order for it to flourish. That's where beard oil comes in. Your beard has natural oils that are depleted when washed. Beard oil replenishes what's lost in the process and leaves your skin nice and moisturized. Keep in mind that nothing will actually make your hair grow faster, but with healthier hair and skin, your beard will appear fuller.

Applying Oil

Make sure not to apply too much beard oil because it can cause acne or other problems. Use about five droplets of beard oil and lather into your beard. Overuse can cause acne and you will just make a mess of oil. If you need a further application, it is advisable to use a beard balm to get to your desired look.

Why beard oil instead of other off the counter beard oil products? Well, beard oil is formulated especially to keep your beard healthy and nourished. Other beard care products just don't do the same or work as well. Beard oil also gives off a nice fragrance that you and others around you will love.

Do Oils Cause Acne

Above we mentioned how too much beard oil can cause acne, but did you know that quality beard oil can help prevent or get rid of acne. This is because beard oil can penetrate deep into the follicles and pores on your face and prevent them from getting clogged.

Will Using Beard Oil Make You More Attractive

The answer is yes. Beard oils will not only make you feel better about your beard and more confident about yourself but will also be found more attractive by the opposite sex. This is because partners typically like a well-groomed beard, which is what beard oil gives you!

If you have a beard that is wild you will not come off as sophisticated as you would with well-groomed facial hair. This, in turn, would make partners not be as much attracted to you. Remember guys, beard oil is for those who want to appear more sophisticated just as much as it is for keeping your beard and skin healthy.

Skin Protection

Did you know that your beard also protects your skin? It's true. More so, your beard will protect your face from the sun which is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. This means if you have a great beard, you will also have healthier skin underneath, especially if you are out in the sun a lot. Your beard is the best natural sunscreen around and it blocks harmful UV rays from penetrating and hitting your skin.

It is said that a large beard can block from anywhere in the range of ninety percent of these UV rays. Remember, your skin produces oils to protect your beard which then comes back around to protect your skin. It works in both ways and beard oils help to keep everything as healthy as can be.

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