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Shop our range of natural personal care products from eco brand Ben & Anna.

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Natural Personal Care Products from Ben & Anna

Our range of natural personal care products from Ben & Anna includes natural deodorant, toothpowder, toothpaste and mouthwash. These eco-friendly products are free from harmful chemicals typically found in big name brands like SLS, parabens, aluminium and many more.

Vegan couple Ben & Anna wanted to find a natural deodorant that was vegan, not tested on animals, kind to both skin and the planet, didn't contain any nasty chemicals like parabens and aluminium and a natural deodorant that really worked for both men and women. When they couldn’t find a natural deodorant that fit the bill they decided to make their own and we are very glad they did.

Ben & Anna Natural Deodorant

Ben & Anna is known for their natural deodorant. These are some of the most eco-friendly personal care products on the planet. All materials used to create Ben & Anna natural deodorant are environmentally friendly; from its ingredients down to its packaging. Available in 6 fabulous natural scents, pink grapefruit, vanilla orchid, Persian lime, Indian mandarin, Provence and Nordic timber; and a pure scent free version, Ben & Anna natural deodorants glide onto the skin like a roll on and keep you feeling dry and fresh all day without blocking pores or disrupting your bodies natural function. They are perfect for men and women and a great first deodorant for teenagers. Plus there is now a soda free version.

The main active ingredients found in Ben & Anna natural deodorant are arrowroot powder, shea butter and soda. These ingredients do a great job at keeping you dry and nourishing your skin. They also neutralise any odour caused by sweating to keep you odour-free throughout the day.

Ben & Anna Natural Toothpaste

Due to the popularity of their natural deodorant and the growing demand for more vegan-friendly personal care products, Ben & Anna decided to extend their product line to include natural dental care products. With their experience and collaboration with experts, they have formulated a natural toothpaste that protects your teeth from tooth decay and free from nasty chemicals like parabens, formaldehyde, SLS, triclosan and many more.

Ben & Anna natural toothpastes are available in 3 variants; Black with activated charcoal, White with sea buckthorn and Sensitive with chamomile and sage. They come in glass jars so you can say goodbye to boring toothpaste tubes.

Ben & Anna Natural Toothpowder

Much like their natural toothpaste, Ben & Anna natural toothpowder is made from natural ingredients like activated charcoal, chamomile and sage. They’re basically just the same with their natural toothpaste but in powder form. Ben & Anna natural toothpowder is free from harmful ingredients like fluoride, formaldehyde, SLS, parabens and other petrochemicals. They are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free just like all Ben & Anna products.

Also, many studies have shown that toothpowder does a better job at removing plaque and preventing tooth decay than toothpaste. Although they are safe and non-toxic, it is still not recommended to swallow toothpowder.

Ben & Anna Natural Mouthwash

Ben & Anna natural mouthwash is perfect for people with sensitive teeth. It’s vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and made from natural ingredients like sea buckthorn, disinfecting sage and aloe vera. The formulation of this natural dental care product helps protect gums from irritation and inflammation. Just like their other products, Ben & Anna natural mouthwash does not contain any harmful chemicals typically found in conventional mouthwashes like parabens, SLS and other petrochemicals.

2 Reasons to Love Ben & Anna Natural Personal Care Products

Ben & Anna uses natural ingredients in their products.

Using natural ingredients in personal care products is definitely a step in the right direction. Our planet is on the verge of destruction and choosing products using for their sustainability is the smarter and healthier choice. Ben & Anna started with natural deodorant but now they have expanded their product line to include dental care products as well. They have collaborated with experts around the world to develop formulations for personal care products using only natural ingredients. Natural ingredients like arrowroot, chamomile, shea butter are just a few ingredients found in their products that are sustainable and renewable.

Ben & Anna products come in plastic-free packaging.

Ben & Anna not only uses natural ingredients in their products, they also come in recyclable and eco-friendly packaging and containers. Their natural deodorant comes in paper tubes made from FSC-certified paper which are good on the environment while their natural toothpastes and toothpowder come in glass jars that are recyclable. Using paper tubes and recyclable glass jars further reduces environmental waste.

If you are looking for natural personal care products, look no further than our Ben & Anna collection.