Benefits of Baby Carrying Using Tula Baby Carriers


Baby wearing, the act of carrying your little one close in one of many styles of baby carrier, is a practice that has existed for thousands of years. It is not only practical, allowing you to keep your baby close and happy while your hands remain free, but has many benefits for both babies and caregivers.

Benefits of baby carrying using a Tula Carrier include:

  • Baby carrying causes the release of oxytocin in both male and female caregivers which helps with the bonding process.
  • Using a baby carrier is a great way to facilitate more skin to skin contact. Regulating temperature, breathing and heartbeat.
  • Allows babies to be carried in a way that supports proper development of the spine and hips.
  • Provides emotional comfort and reduces crying.
  • Supports connection and brain development by allowing more eye contact and talking.
  • Keeps babies upright and helps digestion.
  • Allows you to breastfeed on the go.

The Calming Effects of Baby Carrying

One of the most amazing things about babywearing is the calming effect it has on both babies and caregivers. For caregivers it allows you to move around, hands-free and get things done either at home or while you are out and about which can be a huge stress reliever in itself.

Carrying babies also instigates the release of oxytocin, the love hormone which not only helps with bonding but can also relieve anxiety and improve your mood.

For babies the calming effects could be due to a variety of reasons. Being held, especially if there is skin to skin contact helps them regulate their temperature and breathing. Then there is the fact that their caregivers tend to be more responsive and more attentive to their needs.

Because they are in the upright position they also have an easier time digesting which can also result in a calmer baby that is less likely to be uncomfortable and therefore get distressed.

The Physical Benefits of Baby Wearing

Ergonomic babywearing not only has social, emotional and neurological benefits but can also help with babies physical development.

It is important of course that you choose an ergonomic baby carrier such as the Tula baby carriers, and make sure that you have fitted it properly for both baby and caregiver.

Babies should be positioned in the M position with knees higher than the hips so that weight can be adequately distributed, as well as having the spine and neck supported. Babies should also be able to dangle their knees without pressure so the cradle needs to not extend beyond the knees.

Carrying a baby in an ergonomic upright position not only supports the healthy development of the hips and spine but can also help support the development of their heads as well.

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