Benefits of Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes have many benefits and advantages for toddlers and really are one of the best toys they can have. They are easy to use, great for exercise, build confidence and independence alongside key motor skills, and are the perfect first step in learning to ride a bike.

Balance bikes are easy to use

Balance bikes are lightweight, they have no pedals to get in the way, and they roll easily over uneven surfaces meaning you can take them (pretty much) anywhere.

Toddlers can start to learn as early as 18 months meaning they've already got the confidence and most of the skills needed to ride a balancing bike when the time comes to move on.

Great motor skills and physical development

As well as learning to balance children are actively building strength, endurance and coordination when they ride a balance bike. They build strength in their legs of course but also in their core muscles.

The coordination required to master a balance bike improves children's ability to engage in lots of different sports and physical activities as well as helping to develop their fine motor skills.

A safe way to learn to ride

Designed to be used at the age when children would traditionally have been given a tricycle and then training wheels, balance bikes offer a safer and more practical alternative. They are much easier to manoeuvre than a tricycle and much less likely to topple over on any uneven ground. And because children have their feet on the floor and are focusing on balance rather than trying to pedal they are much less likely to fall.

Balance bikes make exercise fun

Balance bikes are fun and children love the sense of freedom, accomplishment and excitement they get from riding them. They offer a great reason for children to want to get outside and play, whether it's making a family walk more fun (and quicker) or getting involved with other kids riding balance bikes at the park. The lighter weight also means they can ride for longer without getting tired and even ride up hills rather than having to get off and push.

Skip the training wheels

Getting kids started on a balance bike allows you to skip the training wheels altogether!

By mastering balancing first before pedalling children find the transition from a balance bike to a traditional bike much easier and will often make the switch at a younger age. They already understand how to balance and what happens when they turn the handlebars so in most cases you can simply give them the bike and let them go, rather than spending hours running along behind them holding the seat.

Convenient for us grownups

Lighter and more compact than a tricycle or training bike with pedals, balance bikes are easy to pop in the car or even carry with you when kids get tired. They also make it easy for toddlers to cruise along the pavement or around the park, much quicker than walking but still easier to keep up with than a bicycle.

Kids can start riding at a younger age

Toddlers can ride balance bikes before they have the strength in their legs to push the pedals. And balance bikes are available in smaller sizes.

Confidence and independence

It's amazing the confidence and pride a toddler can get from riding a bike. They'll want you to watch again and again as they glide through puddles or do laps of the pump track.

Figuring out how their bodies work and what they can achieve is great for their sense of freedom and independence as well. Suddenly they can not only keep up with you, but even overtake you. And join in with both older and younger children at the pump track.

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