Benefits of Bringing Your Own Food to Work

The idea of bringing your own lunch to work is not new. It has been around for as long as we can remember but people just chose not to bring their own food to work for various reasons. Fortunately, many people are making a move towards bringing healthy foods to work which is actually good news.

Bringing your own food to work has many benefits to you and the environment. First, you will be feeding yourself with healthy food and you even get to eat your favourite sandwich or home-cooked meal at work. Additionally, you are making an effort to reduce waste. Most of the time when we buy fast food or food from the cafeteria, they come in disposable containers which could add up to our waste really fast.

Not convinced yet? Don’t worry. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of bringing your own meals and snacks at work.

Eating healthy

One of the benefits of bringing food to work is that you have an option to eat healthy. You can pack a meal consisting of vegetables and fruits as well as make your favourite tuna sandwich and green salads. Bringing your own food always means bringing food with less calories. Sure, most healthy food options are fairly limited but this does not mean you have to bring the same food every day. You can mix and match what healthy food you bring and keep portions of these foods reasonable.

We all know that the food options we get from the cafeteria are quite tempting but these foods are not the healthiest. Cafeteria foods often include pizza, fried chicken, burgers, fries and burritos. Admittedly most of these foods are delicious, but they should be eaten in moderation or avoided completely.

Saves you money

Whether you’re visiting the nearest drive thru or sitting down for lunch at the cafeteria, you are paying for restaurant food prices. Even if you eat at a cheaper place with their value meals, buying lunch every day can quickly add up. Think about it. If you are spending £10 for lunch every day, it could total to around £2,000 in a year. Now, just imagine the savings you could have had if you brought your own food instead of buying unhealthy foods at the cafeteria.

Sure, there is an upfront cost for buying a stainless steel lunch box to use as your food container and bringing your own food to work increases your grocery shopping budget for the week but the benefits you get from eating healthy foods you prepare far outweigh the downsides. You can even get around your weekly grocery spending by looking for sales and discounts at your local grocery store.


Bringing your own food means you get to enjoy waste free lunches at work. This also means you will be reducing your wastes. Most food that you can buy in fast food restaurants and cafeterias are packaged in disposables.


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