Benefits of Playing With Dragon Toys

Playing is essential for kids. Whether they are playing with dragon playsets or or a sheet and a wooden spoon playing is part of healthy child development. Play helps children prepare for life in numerous ways from helping them learn how to navigate their emotions and teaching them how to deal with different situations they encounter, as well as building so many pathways in the brain.

When children are playing with dragon toys they are engaging in imaginative play. Creating narratives and acting out different story lines, they get to act out and explore different emotions that might arise for the different characters, they get to discover choices as the stories evolve, and solve problems using their imagination.

Dragons are a great prop for imaginary play as they are mythical magical creatures that children can choose to make come to life in so many different ways. They might be saving a princess by slaying the dragon, needing to creep round a sleeping dragon to retrieve the treasure, or the dragon might be their friend and ally, a loyal companion and trusty steed.

What are the Benefits of Imaginative Play?

Many studies have shown the benefits of play for children that range from better mental health and better brain development to improving their behaviour and developing many key skills that will help them throughout their lives.

And playing with your children has benefits for you as well. Not only does it strengthen the bond between you and your children allowing you to fully engage with them at their level, but it has also been shown to increase parental well being as well.

First up imaginative play, role play, active play and small world play are all great for boosting brain development. Play literally changes the connections in the brain supporting children with everything from regulating their emotions to practising problem solving and organisational skills and even improving academic abilities.

Play is also great for children’s mental health. Imaginative play in particular is the perfect way for children to explore difficult emotions. Play has been shown to reduce anxiety and help children build resilience. Without even thinking about it children are learning to solve their own problems as they play which builds their confidence and helps them develop their self belief.

Another great benefit of play is that it has been shown to improve children's behaviour. It’s a well known fact that children need to let off steam and play is the best way for them to do this. It also helps to improve their concentration and focus and helps them develop empathy and social skills.

Encouraging Imaginative Play

While you really don’t need anything more than a stick for a great game of knights and dragons having toys around that they love is a great way to spark the imagination. Show interest in their games and join in with them but let your kids take the lead when it comes to play time. Although that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a few ideas to get them started.


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