Benefits of Toys to a 3 Month Old Baby

Parents know that the right toys can be beneficial for your baby's early learning and development. Not just any old toy will do the trick. The right toys can enhance cognitive and motor skills, stimulate vision and hearing, promote speech development, encourage interaction among infants, foster cognitive development, aid in language development and reasoning abilities, and much more.

Fine Motor Skills

At age 3 months, your baby will start using her hands to reach out for objects or toys. Her eye-hand coordination, dexterity and fine motor skills are still being refined at this stage so don’t be surprised if she can’t hold on to objects for long periods of time or if she has difficulty grabbing objects or toys.

As soon as your baby starts holding objects with her hands, make sure she has toys nearby that she can easily grasp and hold. Soft toys and rattles are good examples for these toys.

However, don’t leave your baby unattended. While they start to hold to objects, most babies this age are not strong enough to hold objects for an extended period of time.

Language and Communication Skills

Even your baby isn’t going to start talking anytime soon, reading to her regularly is something you should consider. Doing so helps with your baby’s language and communication skills. Reading bedtime stories will also help set a routine of nightly storytelling.

Sensory Stimulation

Sensory stimulation is any play or activity that stimulates a baby’s senses. Babies use their senses to explore their surroundings and learn more about the world around. This makes sensory stimulation an important component of baby development.

Anything that can stimulate one or more baby’s senses is good for sensory stimulation. There are many toys that are good for sensory play as well.

Musical toys for example are good for auditory stimulation. A baby’s hearing is already well developed from birth. They already respond or react upon hearing sounds and music even though they still don’t understand them.

Likewise, picture books featuring bright colours and high contrast ones like black and white are also good for sensory play especially visual stimulation. A baby’ sense of sight is still developing as she grows older.

A cosy blanket of different textures is great for tactile stimulation. As your baby begins to explore using her hands she can experience different textures. Even as simple as gently rubbing your baby’s back with your hands is good sensory stimulation.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills is defined as abilities that use large groups of muscles to do purposeful movements like jumping, walking, running, sitting upright and more. As babies grow older, they start using their bodies to move and explore their surroundings which is great for their physical development.

Toys like activity centres and playmats are good for developing a baby’s gross motor skills. They have all sorts of toys built right on them that encourage movement. For example, a baby may try to reach for the toys hanging right above her head.


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