Benefits of Using a Yuuki Cup


Menstrual cups such as the Yuuki cup have been around for a long time but have only really become popular, especially in the mainstream, in recent years. Their soaring popularity can be put down to a number of benefits including environmental benefits, health benefits and cost benefits over disposable and even other reusable alternatives.

Environmental Benefits of Using a Yuuki Cup

One of the biggest incentives to switch to a period cup is the environmental impact that comes from not using disposable products. A single menstrual cup will last for a decade or more, which is an awful lot of pads or tampons that aren’t ending up in landfill or worse being flushed away and ending up in our oceans.

Yuuki cups are made of silicone which is food and medical grade meaning it’s totally safe for internal use but also means they are plastic-free and recyclable. Over ten years a single cup could replace around 2500 tampons which is a lot of waste, especially if you use applicator tampons.

Cost Benefit of Switching to Reusables

As well as the environmental impact of switching to a menstrual cup there is also a big financial incentive. You’ll never have to buy another tampon again, meaning you’ll have made back the money you sent in a few months and be saving every month after that. This can be especially important for women on low incomes.

And of course if you have a cup you never run out of sanitary products either so no midnight trips to the 24hr garage or supermarket when you get caught out. A menstrual cup can also be inserted the day you are due to start your period even before you have started bleeding with no ill effect so you don’t have to carry it in your handbag just in case if you don’t want to.

Personal Benefits of Using a Yuuki Cup

As well as the environmental and cost benefits of switching to a reusable Yuuki cup there are also a number of health benefits that many women experience when they make the switch.

For a start silicone is a very safe inert material. Unlike tampons, there is no chance of fibres being left behind in the vagina causing dryness and possible infection. Many tampons and pads also have chemicals in them which can dry out the vagina and cause irritation and discomfort.

Disposable products often contain ingredients that are designed to draw the blood out which has been linked to cramping and as such many women find they have less painful periods and even lighter periods when they make the switch.

A menstrual cup is also really convenient and easy to use. They also hold more fluid than a tampon so they need to be changed less regularly and they are easy to clean by sterilising in a pan or the microwave.

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