Best Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids

Having arts and crafts supplies at your home is a good way to encourage your children to continue engaging in artistic activities. Arts and crafts help children develop many essential skills and they should be encouraged to engage in these activities as much as possible. If you are planning to buy some arts and crafts supplies but do not know where to start, check our short list of some of the best arts and supplies you can buy for your child.

Threadbear Designs Apron

Arts and crafts can be messy at times especially if your children are working with art supplies like water-colour, dyes and paints. But with Threadbear Designs apron for children, you do not have to worry about your children’s clothes getting dirty while they engage in arts and crafts. When you think about an apron, the first thing that comes to mind is food preparation or baking. Aprons for children are not exclusive only for kitchen activities. You can let your children wear them while engaging in other artistic activities. You can help your little artists create amazing arts and crafts with a wide range of apron designs. These aprons are designed to keep clothes clean and creative juices flowing.

Bigjigs Junior Art Easel

Nurture your children’s creative and artistic skills with this versatile easel from Bigjigs. It includes a whiteboard, traditional blackboard with chalks, board eraser, coloured chalk and a roll of re-orderable paper. The easel is stable and sturdy which allows children to swivel it around on their own to switch between chalkboard and paint.

We love Bigjigs toys because their toys are made from high quality responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic paint and dyes. Furthermore all of their toys and art supplies go through rigorous quality checks to ensure that each of these products meet European and international quality and safety standards.

Namaste Fair Trade Pack Of 10 Medium Tamarind Twig Colour Pencils

These fantastic coloured pencils come in a set of 10 and made from Tamarind tree branches. Your children will definitely love the natural look and feel of these coloured pencils. The wooden texture will bring children closer to nature as they create wonderful drawings with these coloured pencils. The overall build quality of these coloured pencils is great and they feature rich colours.

Namaste coloured pencils are responsibly sourced from farmers in Thailand, making sure that fairtrade practices are followed and observed.

Bigjigs Owl Pencil

Bigjigs Owl Pencil is a traditional wooden pencil but with a whimsical touch. A colourful owl is perched on top of the pencil. Perfect for use at home or school. Ideal stocking filler for party bags at a children’s party.

Bigjigs Mini Tambourine

Support your children’s love for music with Bigjigs Mini Tambourine. Musical toys are wonderful toys to get your children interested in artistic play. This mini tambourine is designed with children’s tiny hands in mind so they will have an easy time grasping and shaking them during their play. These tambourines are also lightweight which allows children to have fun playing music for long periods of time without straining their arms and hands. Perfect toys not only for helping children discover their love for music but as well as developing their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and many other essential skills.


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