Best Building Blocks for Toddlers

Building Blocks for Toddlers

Building blocks are fun and educational in equal measure. Every child should have a set and most children will probably have multiple types of building blocks over their lifetime. From simple wooden building blocks when they are little to complex lego sets when they get older and probably plenty of others in between.

Building blocks might seem like a simple toy but they provide the opportunity for toddlers to learn and practice many crucial skills.

Blocks are great for fine motor skills and dexterity as children grip the blocks and carefully place them one on top of the other. They are brilliant for developing spatial awareness and cause and effect as they try to avoid knocking the tower as they build it and then delight in knocking it down. And they are perfect for starting to learn basic maths skills and learning about colours and sequences.

In fact, although they may seem rather old fashioned with so many battery-operated toys and apps on tablets available for toddlers these days, they are still a very valuable toy to have in your toy box. You could also get bigjigs building blocks from us.

Our Top Building Blocks for Toddlers

When it comes to choosing the perfect building blocks for toddlers you want to pick something chunky enough that they don’t get frustrated, with enough blocks that they can practise building really tall towers.

Big Jigs Click Blocks

The Big Jigs Click Blocks are a great alternative to mega blocks. They click together which makes stacking and building much easier for little ones and allows them (or you) to create some really fabulous buildings that are a little more durable than those made from simple stacking blocks.

There are several different sized sets available, and of course they all work together so if you love them you can build a great collection to pass down to younger siblings or friends. You can also choose between coloured and natural, or mix them up, depending on your preference.

Goki Rainbow Building Blocks

The Goki Rainbow building blocks are really special as instead of being solid blocks they feature lots of different sized and shaped window blocks as well as a stacking rainbow.

These colourful blocks are great for learning about shapes, sizes, and colour matching as well as building epic towers to knock down.

Tender Leaf Toys Blocks

There are a number of different Tender Leaf toys building block sets available including their nursery blocks, garden blocks and courtyard blocks.

All the Tender Leaf sets are beautifully illustrated giving far more interest and inspiration for play than a standard block set.

The nursey blocks set is the smallest set and comes with a bell and a kaleidoscope making it a great sensory toy. Plus all the sets come in cotton bags that are perfect for travel and storage.


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