Best Castle Toys for Toddlers

Our Pick of the Best Wooden Castle Toys and Why We Love Them

Children have enjoyed playing with toy castles for generations. They spark our imaginations and allow for endless creativity. Castles not only appear in myths and legends and fairytales they are also a part of our history. You can visit a real castle and imagine what it was like in medieval times and bring in as many mythical creatures or fairy tale endings as you like.

Wooden toy castles are a classic toy that children can play with for years. They make a great doll house alternative and have a timeless appeal meaning there’s no reason you can’t pass them down to the next generation.

Toy castles come in all shapes and sizes. Some are perfect for princesses while others are designed for reenacting medieval battles. We have chosen a selection of wooden toy castles that are as sustainable as they are fun, beautifully made, and perfect for encouraging creativity and imaginative play.

Bigjigs King Arthur's Castle

The Bigjigs King Arthur's Castle is a complete playset that epitomises the classic wooden castle toy.

The Castle slots together on the wooden baseboard and can either remain set up or be flattened down to make storing it easier. It features towers, battlements and a working drawbridge to keep the castle secure.

The set also includes six figures; King Arthur, Merlin, and four Knights. As well as two horses for them to ride out on quests or into battle to protect the Kingdom.

If you need a princess the Bigjigs Royal Family Dolls would make a fabulous addition, and of course, a wooden dragon is always a great addition to any castle playset.

Tender Leaf Toys Castles

The Tender Leaf Toys Castles are brilliant because the pieces can be arranged in a multitude of ways and there’s no bulky baseboard which makes them easier to pack away and store when not in use.

There are three different castle sets to choose from, ranging from 40 pieces (the Wolf set) to 96 pieces (the Royal Castle) and they can all be added together. There’s even a little mini knight, dragon and princess set that you can add to any of the others.

The simplicity with which the modular pieces go together mean this is a castle that children can quickly get the hang of building themselves and you get the added bonus of it being a building set as well as a castle.

Holztiger Knights Castle

If you are a fan of Holztiger or just beautiful natural wooden toys then you’re sure to love the Holztiger Knights Castle. It’s more of an investment than the other sets and you just get the castle so you would need to purchase the knights, horses and anything else separately, but this really is an heirloom toy that will be played with for generations.

Again it’s a modular set meaning it can be put together in multiple ways perfect for little builders and budding engineers.

Bigjigs Princess Palace

And for all the little ones for whom castles are much more about princesses and heroes than battlements and drawbridges, we love the Bigjigs Princess Palace.

It’s a dolls house and a castle toy combined and comes with six dolls including a wicked witch.


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