Best Counting Toys for Toddlers

Counting is one of the basic math skills that children learn while playing. And counting toys make learning how to count fun and intuitive. It is an important developmental skill that helps kids to master many other skills such as cognitive development, sequencing and number recognition.

We have selected the best counting toys for toddlers based on their ability to boost a child’s cognitive development through counting practice. These toys are great for helping your child learn how to count objects and develop their basic math skills. Toddlers will be able to recognize numbers, start forming words and develop speech production skills at a faster rate.

Bigjigs Counting Snake Puzzle

The Bigjigs Counting Snake puzzle includes 20 coloured pieces and a baseboard that are made up of brightly coloured numbered pieces from 1 to 20. The pieces fit together on a slinky chain and also come apart for use as a snake. Using the snake's body as a guide for organizing these numbers, kids can play fun games and practice basic number recognition. Each brightly colored piece fits nicely inside the large, easy to hold handle. This playset makes learning counting fun for young children.

Tidlo Magnetic Numbers

The Tidlo Magnetic Numbers Set is a playset that includes 100 brightly coloured assortment of numbers and arithmetical symbols. The magnetic numbers are a great way for children to learn their numbers and the arithmetical symbols will help develop your child's addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills. Made from high quality wood and featuring magnetic backs, these brightly coloured numbers are incredibly durable and easy to clean. The numbers have non-toxic water based paint, and there is no sanding required.

Bigjigs Number Tray

The Number Tray is the perfect playset for teaching children how to count. It includes 100 brightly coloured pieces that are numbered from 1 to 100. Each column is coloured differently but each number that belongs to a column has the same colour, making it an easy and fun way to introduce young children to counting and colours. The tray is also great for refining fine motor skills and improving hand eye coordination.

Tender Leaf Toys Counting Carrots

The Tender Leaf Toys Counting Carrots Stacker is filled with an abundant harvest of 10 numbered counting rings. Your little one can stack the numbered rings and learn how to count sequentially. Count, stack up the rings and continue practice of counting while learning to get the numbers in sequence, over and over again. All of this teaches number recognition for life-long learning. Great for introducing basic math skills like counting as well as encouraging number familiarity, hand-eye coordination, and provides a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Bigjigs Wooden Number Blocks

A unique gift set, Bigjigs number block set will help to develop early number skills in a fun and stimulating way. This playset is designed to introduce toddlers to the joys of maths and building. The bright, colourful pieces can be placed in any order and are ideal as a first introduction to number recognition. The blocks are marked with numbers from 1 to 10 and can be arranged in numerical order. Ideal for nurturing your child's mathematical ability.


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