Best Deodorants for Kids

What are the best deodorants for kids?

As children start growing into young adults they go through huge hormonal and physical changes. Their bodies change shape, their skin changes and they start sweating! Combine the physical changes with that fact that their hormones and emotions are all over the place and you can be in for a bumpy ride.

Sweat and body odour can be embarrassing for children (well for all of us really). Finding a natural, gentle, safe deodorant can be a real help in helping kids feel confident and in control of their rapidly changing bodies.

What age to children start needing deodorant?

Using deodorant is pretty normal for teenagers but some children will start developing body odour at a much younger age, and it's not uncommon for kids to start getting a bit stinky as young as 8 or 9.

Body odour from sweat happens are bacteria start breaking down the sweat, it's not the sweat itself that smells, so encouraging more regular washing can help control odour, and you can keep the smell in check between baths by using a deodorant rather than needing to use an antiperspirant at a young age. Or ever for that matter as there are benefits to all from using aluminium free deodorants.

The good news is that there are plenty of gentle, natural deodorants that are safe for children. So you and your kids can decide when the time is right without worrying about chemicals or other nasties being applied to the skin

Which deodorants are best for kids

The best deodorants for children and pre-teens will be gentle and natural, working in harmony with their body to keep them feeling dry, fresh and confident.

We don't advocate the use of antiperspirants for children. We feel that interrupting the bodies natural functions isn't a great idea at any age and that our bodies should be celebrated, even the mucky yucky bits.

However, expecting your hormonal teenager to be down with being the smelly kid with sweat patches under their arms all in the name of body positivity is going to be a tough sell.

So we think the best deodorants for children (and grown-ups actually) are those that allow the body to work but keep you dry and smelling fresh at the same time. And thanks to the fact that they won't have been using antiperspirants for years there's no detox period to deal with either.

Broadly speaking natural deodorants are available as sprays, creams or sticks (similar to a roll-on). And you can choose one with a fragrance or opt for fragrance-free. For younger children, you may prefer a fragrance-free option and older teenagers will likely want to choose their own scent.

Even natural deodorants can cause a reaction in delicate underarm skin so you may wish to start with a fragrance-free formula without sodium bicarbonate, to begin with, although there's no reason why children shouldn't use any of our natural deodorants.

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