Best Doll Accessories

Dolls are fantastic toys and children love to play with them. They have been around for centuries but remained one of the most popular toys. Their design has evolved over the years to adapt to modern children, their benefits remain the same.

Benefits of Playing with Dolls

Children are attracted to dolls because these toys allow them to role-play. Role-playing is an important part of childhood because it helps children use their imagination and creativity. Playing make-believe with dolls is a good way for children to act out scenarios and learn to develop a strong problem-solving skill. It also allows children to see things in different perspectives and help them understand the things around them. These benefits are not only exclusive for little girls. Playing with dolls can be beneficial to little boys, too.

Little boys and girls should have access to dolls because of their developmental value. Playing with dolls provides a fun and risk-free environment for kids to explore new ideas. It also teaches about respect and helps them become nurturing and caring for others.

Doll Accessories

Doll accessories are not really must-haves but they make playing with dolls more fun and engaging. Some of these accessories are designed to make role-playing with dolls more realistic, encourage group play and interaction with others.

Here are some of our top doll accessories picks:

Doll Clothes

Doll clothes are probably one of the most common doll accessories. They are often bundled together with the doll and they come in a wide range of looks and style. They are fantastic accessories for role-playing because little kids can play dress-up with their dolls. For instance, you can buy matching pajamas for your little one and his doll.

Playing dress-up with dolls also helps children develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. These skills are essential in performing simple tasks like writing, using utensils for eating or cutting paper with a pair of scissors.

We have a wide range of stylish and fashionable doll clothes from popular brands like BigJigs and Rubens Barn. Whether you’re looking for a summer dress or a raincoat, there are dolls clothes for your child’s dolls.

Dolls Pram

Little children love to emulate their parents. So when you push them around in a pram, they would definitely want a pram for their dolls. Dolls prams are one of the most popular doll accessories because they allow little boys and girls to easily explore the world around them with their dolls.


Dollhouses can be very expensive depending on the brand and style. Expensive dollhouses often come fully furnished with bells and whistles. When buying one for your child, choose a wooden dollhouse over a plastic one. They look classy and better for the environment.

If you are on a budget, you can build your own instead. There are many free blueprints online that you can use and many tutorials on how to make your own dollhouse on video-sharing sites like Youtube. Building your own dollhouse can be a bonding moment between you and your child.

Doll High Chairs & Beds

Doll high chairs and beds are also great for role-playing. These accessories allow children to express themselves and teaches them empathy. When you’re feeding your child, she can do the same with her doll. At bedtime, you can let your child tuck her doll in bed. If you budget is not an issue, you can buy a play food set and doll blankets for more imaginative and creative role-playing.


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