Best Dollhouse Furniture Sets

Dollshouse Furniture Sets

Dolls houses provide children with many hours of entertainment as they act out scenes and create stories with their dolls. And arranging the furniture and accessories within the house is all part of the fun.

Dolls houses are also popular with adult collectors and you can buy some really stunning replica furniture items, but not all adult pieces are suitable for children. With this in mind if you are thinking about buying a dolls house for your child it makes sense to choose a house and furniture that are specifically designed with children in mind.

Children’s dolls house furniture tends to be more durable and most children’s furniture is made to a 1:12 scale (meaning one foot is scaled down to one inch) so you can generally mix and match different brands of houses and furniture.

All our dolls houses and furniture by Tidlo, Tender Leaf Toys, Plan Toys and Big Jigs are made to the 1:12 scale. Indigo Jamm, however, are made for their ped people and have a slightly smaller 1:16 scale.

Miniature Furniture Sets

All our wooden dolls house furniture comes in sets, either for one room or multiple rooms making it easy to both start and build your collection.

Some of the houses also come with furniture so you might not need to buy any at all. Although it’s always fun to give your house a makeover every now and again. And some of the sets are really gorgeous with so many little details.

We particularly love the cute little nursery set from Tender Leaf toys, essential if your doll family is awaiting a new arrival. And the study set that’s ideal for the doll family kids are they get older and start wanting a place to hang out with their friends and start practising their hobbies.

Sustainably Made

As well as being durable, well made and the perfect size for children all our dolls house furniture is made by brands that have people and the planet at the heart of what they do.

All the wood used to make the furniture is sustainably sourced, and much of it is made from the wood of retired rubber trees which are a waste product of the rubber industry.

Because the furniture is specifically designed for children all the paints used are also water-based and non-toxic making them safe for little ones.


And it’s not just furniture you can buy for your dolls house. There are some great accessory sets available either to decorate indoors or to add a bit of excitement to the garden.

The pet sets are brilliant for this as you can have a whole menagerie of animals living in and outside the house including rabbits, dogs, cats and even chickens or horses.


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