Best Dolls for Babies


Dolls are a popular plaything for all ages from tiny tots right up to tweens. But looking for the best doll for a baby is different from looking for a doll for a preschooler.

A baby’s first doll should be soft and cuddly and designed with tiny hands and mouths in mind without any loose parts. A baby won't play with a doll in the same way as a toddler would. After all they are too little to carry them around or push them in a pram. But get the right doll and they can offer comfort and fun from a young age.

Rubens Barn Dolls

Rubens Barn has created a gorgeous range of handmade dolls many of which are suitable from birth.

The Rubens doll is the Rubens Baby. An anatomically correct handmade doll that is designed to encourage empathy, patience and love. It's perfect for toddlers and older children, especially those that have a new sibling on the way but is probably a bit big and heavy for a baby.

The Cuties, however, are much smaller and lighter. Perfect for any age and destined to become a friend for life, or childhood at least.

Alternatively we absolutely love the organic, handmade eco-buds and the NEW mini eco-buds. These gorgeous dolls are a wonderful take on a traditional rag doll. The soft organic fabric is perfect for babies to cuddle up to, and their friendly faces are full of character.

Available in both boy and girl dolls a Rubens Eco-bud would make the perfect gift for a new-born. Plus they are loved by older kids as well so you know they'll have plenty of fun and adventure ahead of them.

The mini eco buds are small enough for even the tiniest tots to hold on to. And as they are designed with little ones in mind they even come with a little cotton tie, perfect for chewing or attaching to a pram or cot. Plus Rubens Barn plant a tree for every eco-bud they sell so you're little one can be off to a good start environmentally as well.

Other great dolls for babies

It's not just Rubens barn that makes great dolls for babies. Nanchen dolls are perfect for little ones. Super soft and cuddly with adorable faces they are halfway between a doll and a comforter and make a lovely gift for a newborn.

The Big Jigs ragdolls are also suitable from birth and would make a lovely companion for any little one. The traditional design features bright clothes and wool hair. And you can buy additional outfits making them great dress-up dolls for older children.

And if you are looking for an older child here are our best dolls for toddlers.

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