Best Dolls for Little Boys

Dolls play a huge part of our childhood. Most of us grew up with dolls. It’s one of the most popular toys in the world. As our society grows more progressive, dolls are considered gender-neutral toys. This means both little boys and girls can play them. Yes, little boys can play with dolls too. Much like little girls can play with toy cars and trucks.

The Best Baby Boy Dolls for your Little Boy

Toys is a billion dollar industry. Dolls and their accessories are a huge segment of all global toy sales. As demand for boy dolls grows, big brand toy makers around the world are making dolls for boys. Medium-sized doll makers like Rubens Barn are also starting to hop on the trend. They started introducing dolls for boys to the market.

Rubens Barn is a popular doll maker based in Sweden. They added boy dolls to their amazing doll collection.

Rubens Barn Cutie and Kids Dolls are handmade soft dolls. They are made from 100% soft polyester with removable clothes. These dress up dolls are perfect for role-playing and imaginative play.

Rubens Barn Ecobuds is their eco-friendly doll line. These dolls are made from 100% organic cotton. They are also handmade by artisans. They feature a cheeky smile and weighted bottoms.

BigJigs Jack doll is the perfect boy doll for a fun-filled play session. He has a sweet smile and a funky fashion sense. He’s guaranteed to capture your little one’s heart.

Choosing the Best Baby Boy Dolls

Choosing the right doll for your little boy can be a bit tricky. But it should not be difficult because there are so many dolls on the market. Know what your little boy wants. Dolls are non-gender exclusive. This means you can buy both a boy and girl doll for him.

If you have enough budget, you can buy a whole collection of dolls. Most big brand dolls are very expensive. Children don’t really care about them so buy what you can afford. There are many amazing dolls that are affordable.

You also want to buy a doll that is 100% safe. This means that the doll should not have any detachable parts which could be a choking hazard. Make sure to read warnings and labels before buying a doll or any toy for that matter. If you are also an eco-conscious buyer, stay away from dolls made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC. PVC is a plastic material which is made softer with the addition of plasticisers. One of the most widely used plasticisers is phthalates. Many studies link phthalates to a wide range of human health problems. If the material of the doll is not listed on the box, you’re better off buying a different doll.

Dolls made from cotton and polyester are far better than ones made from plastic. They look more natural and good for the environment. Cotton is a renewable resource. Polyester is highly recyclable. We highly recommend Rubens Barn dolls if you are looking for fantastic boy dolls for your little one. They have a wide range of cute and amazing dolls. Their Ecobuds dolls are some of the most eco-friendly dolls on the market.


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