Best Farm Toys for Kids

Farm Toys

Playing make-believe is something that kids do naturally - they like to engage their creativity and imagination in new and exciting situations. Role-playing is a great way to encourage pretend play and help your child’s early development. Pretend to play toys such as farm toys are particularly good for role-playing because there are so many aspects of a farm to imagine - you can play with animals, tractors, barns, etc. So let’s take a look at some of the best farm toys for kids.

Indigo Jamm Tractor Tim

Indigo Jamm’s Tractor Tim is a retro-styled blue farm wooden toy tractor featuring a detachable trailer, removable peg drive farmer named Ted and 5 wooden farm animals. These cute animals can all ride in Ted’s trailer. Perfect farm toys for children who love farms and tractors. This playset is also good for developing a wide range of skills and encouraging children to engage in imaginative play. As children place each farm animal in the trailer, they are developing their fine motor skills and when they play Ted they are expanding their imagination and creativity. Designed in the UK and made from sustainable rubberwood.

Tidlo Oldfield Farm

Tidlo’s Oldfield Farm is a fantastic farm toy and would make a magnificent present for children who love farms. This farm set includes a barn with a loft and ladder, fences, pig sty as well as an animal shed and farmhouse. The roof panels are attached with magnets and the wooden play is a fantastic added fun value to this set. This farm toy set makes for an ideal set for children who want to learn more about farming and looking after farm animals. Great toy for stimulating a child’s imagination, inspiring creativity for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Bigjigs Farmhouse Sorter

We definitely love Bigjigs Toys because their toys are among the best wooden toys you can find on the market. All their toys undergo quality and safety checks to ensure that they conform to European and international standards on kids toys. Made from sustainable wooden materials and finished with non-toxic paint, their toys are 100% safe for kids.

This farm toy is a good toy for teaching children about farm animals and farming in general. It is also a fantastic sorting toy for beginners. It is a highly recommended farm toy for developing fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, memory and problem solving.

Tender Leaf Toys Little Barn Set Farm Toy

This little barn set from Tender Leaf Toys is a fantastic place to provide shelter for your wooden farm animals. It will keep them warm and dry and protect them from weather elements. It also has enough space for parking for your wooden tractor. The farm toy set comes with wooden farm animals, a tractor, an apple tree and beehive, corn and pumpkins, windmill, hay bale and trough as well as Mr & Mrs Farmer. All pieces fit inside the barn which makes this farm toy set highly portable so your child can bring his favourite farm toy with him wherever he goes.

Tender Leaf Toys Chicken Coop

A farm toy set is not complete with a chicken coop. If you already bought a farmer and still missing key buildings, Tender Leaf Toys Chicken Coop is the perfect toy set for you. It comes with a chicken coop, a rooster, 2 hens, 2 nests, freshly laid eggs, a chick and a feeding trough.


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