Best Lunch Bags for Kids

Whether you send your children to school with a packed lunch every day or are just looking for something to pack lunch or snacks for days out and school trips we have a great range of lunch bags for kids.

If you are using it every day you need something that is easy to clean, lightweight and practical to carry, has space for all their lunch box favourites and that they think is cool, because, let us face it, kids can be cruel.

If you just need it for trips and days out then a lunch bag that folds flat and is easy to store is much more practical than a bulky rigid lunch box that you have to carry around all day and find space to store at home.

Rex London Lunch Bags

We love the Rex London Kids lunch bags, which are perfect for either everyday or occasional use and great for grown-ups as well.

Made from recycled materials they come in a huge range of designs so there’s something to appeal to everyone. The dinosaurs, animals, unicorns and Llamas seem to be particularly popular, although that could just as easily be parents as children.

These handy little bags are also insulated, they won’t keep food ice cold for hours like the stainless steel insulated food jars but they are great at keeping sandwiches or yoghurts fresh until lunchtime. And they are roomy enough that you can put an ice pack in the bottom which we recommend on particularly warm days.

The size of these bags is perfect for children. They are small enough to fit in a school bag or they have a handle so they are easy to carry, but you can fit in loads of yummy food. We highly recommend combining with a sandwich wrap if you tend to pack sandwiches or any kind of baked good. These also double as a placemat to eat off which is great for questionable picnic benches.

These bags fold flat when you are not using them meaning they take up very little space once you’ve eaten all the goodies, unless of course, you have lots of little tubs inside, in which case they’re perfect for keeping all the pots, tubs, wraps and any rubbish together until you get home.

Finally, and a big selling point when you have kids, the Rex London Lunch bags are really reasonably priced. In fact, you could make your money back in just one outing if you were to pack snacks for a family day out rather than buying a sandwich and a packet of crisps when you get there.

This means that if the worst happens and they manage to lose their lunch bag you won’t be wishing you’d sent them off with a bag for life instead.


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