Best Magnetic Building Blocks

Finding the best and safest magnetic building blocks

Choosing the best magnetic building blocks can depend on a variety of factors, and the perfect blocks may vary depending on the age of your children and their current interests.

  • 1. Safety is obviously incredibly important and small magnets can be dangerous if children swallow them. Therefore it's important to choose high-quality magnetic building blocks that are designed for children.

    You can buy magnetic building blocks of super-strong mini magnets that make great desk toys for adults but are not suitable for children as if swallowed they can cause serious internal damage.

  • 2. The age of your child is also important when choosing any magnetic building blocks as children will get the most enjoyment out of toys that are developmentally appropriate.

    The Tegu magnetic building blocks, for example, have been specifically designed to be the perfect size for little hands. Mush smaller and toddlers would not have the fine motor skills required to manipulate them, too big and they would be harder to hold and not intricate for older children to enjoy.

  • 3. Your child’s interests are also important, and this is likely to change over time. At 12 months babies and under babies are more likely to chew on blocks and bash them together than they are to build with them, but soon building taller and taller towers will be the best game ever.

    Older children may maintain an interest in building and want to build ever more elaborately engineered structures using magnetic building blocks, or they may prefer more artistic magnetic toys that allow for different types of creativity.

  • 4. We believe that the wider world should also come into consideration. Whether we are choosing toys like magnetic building blocks for our children, picking food in the supermarket, choosing beauty and well-being products or cleaning our houses, there are always options which have a better impact on the planet and the people who are making them.

    Buying ethically made toys that have been carefully thought about is far better than buying into the latest plastic trends, just as it’s better to buy (and more importantly use) a reusable water bottle, or choose fairtrade.

Our top picks for magnetic building blocks

1. Tegu. Tegu blocks are ethically made and beautifully designed. Plus they are completely safe for children as the magnets are cleverly hidden within the blocks.

These non-toxic painted wooden blocks are great fun for all ages and although they may seem expensive compared to some of the cheaper plastic magnetic building blocks available they will engage children and encourage learning for years, and can then be passed on or saved for future generations.

The simple design concept means that all the magnetic building blocks work together so you can build your collection as quickly or as slowly as you like. The addition of wheels means you can make vehicles as well as buildings. And we love the special monster and robot sets that inspire the imagination in a completely different way to classic building blocks.

2. Tender Leaf Magblocs. Similar in design to Tegu these blocks also contain hidden magnets, but these are multi-directional (meaning guaranteed attraction) making them perfect for little ones.

Again the magnetic building blocks sets can all be used together so you can build your collection.

3. Grimms magnetic toys. Not strictly building blocks but definitely worth a mention as they are perfect for older children and great for inspiring creativity.

These two-dimensional building blocks are ethically made, beautiful quality, and perfect for travel as they come with a magnetic board. Of course, you don't have to use them on the board. The fridge also makes a great canvas for your little ones creations.

We take a closer look at the benefits of magnetic toys for kids here.

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