Best Music Toys for Toddlers

Best Musical Toys for Toddlers

Many experts agree that children learn through play and music is an integral part of children’s early development. Listening to music or creating one by playing musical toys facilitate learning while children’s brains are still developing.

Letting your children play with these music toys and expecting them to become musicians one day is pretty unrealistic. What has been proven to be true is that playing with musical toys and being exposed to music at an early age sets your children up for better things in the future like performing well academically at school.

If you are on the market for amazing playsets that not only entertains but also fosters learning, you should look no further than musical playsets. There are so many options out there and it can be a bit overwhelming to pick the right toy for your child. But do not worry. We made a list of some of the best musical toys to make your shopping for playsets easy and simple.

Here’s our top picks for the best musical toys for little children:

Bigjigs Toys Wooden Bird Whistles

We definitely love BigJigs. Their advocacy towards sustainability is reflected upon their toys. All their toys are made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and they conform to European and international safety standards.

Bigjigs Wooden Bird Whistles are one of our favourite musical playsets for little children. They are easy to play. Simply teach your child to blow through the mouthpiece to help the bird whistle a song. If you are looking for a starter musical toy, this is the one we highly recommend.

Bigjigs Harmonica

Another amazing toy from BigJigs is their harmonica. This musical toy is a good alternative to their bird whistles. It works in a similar way and promotes creativity and imagination. Your child can easily play this toy and both of you can create wonderful music together. This toy is also a perfect party bag filler to give away on your child’s first birthday.

Indigo Jamm Wooden Xylophone

Indigo Jamm believes wooden toys are often overlooked and they want these toys to become more accessible to all children and parents. Their toys are made from rubberwood and finished with non-toxic paint which makes them 100% safe for kids to play.

This toy xylophone should be one of your child’s first musical toys and features bright colours and 5 wooden sound bars that produce wonderful sounds. Playing with this toy is a creative and fun way to develop your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Tidlo Guitars

Guitars are some of the most popular musical instruments and it’s no wonder that their toy versions are also popular among kids and parents. Tidlo, known for their eco-friendly wooden toys, has one of the best line-up of musical toys. Their delightful tunable guitars feature 6 nylon strings and come with a plectrum or guitar pick for strumming. These guitars are designed with your children’s little hands in mind so they can handle these guitars fairly easily.


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