Best Nativity Sets for Kids

Best Nativity Sets for Children

There is something about nativity sets that children find fascinating. Perhaps these sets look like any other toy except that they are Christmas-themed. There are many nativity sets that come with movable pieces that can be repositioned around the manager to create various nativity scenes. Having nativity sets designed for children will make their Christmas celebration more exciting and joyous.

Most nativity sets are for decorating purposes only which means they are not meant to be played. Fortunately, there are many sets that are for children as well. Many of these sets were made and designed with little kids in mind. We made a list of some of the best nativity sets for little children. These sets do not easily break so you do not have to worry if your children play with them. Your children can have hours upon hours of fun imaginative play and learn more about the true meaning of Christmas in an entertaining and engaging way. These sets will definitely bring your children the most satisfaction.

All nativity sets from our list are made from wooden materials. We believe that buying wooden nativity sets help set your children on a path of sustainability at an early age. Doing so is important because our environment is littered with non-biodegradable plastic and we need to minimise our use of these plastic products as much as possible.

Check our list of the best nativity sets for kids.

Bigjigs Children's Nativity Set

We are huge fans of Bigjigs Toys. They are a family-owned business that have been making high quality toys for decades. Their toys are simple yet fun to play with. Not to mention, these toys provide exceptional developmental and educational value to children. All their toys and playsets are 100% safe and conform to European and international safety standards on kids toys.

Bigjigs Nativity Set is one of the best wooden nativity sets for children. All pieces are made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic paint. Each nativity piece comes in bright colours which is guaranteed to grab your children’s attention.

The nativity set includes Mary and Joseph, Baby Jesus, 3 wise men, 2 shepherds, a manger, a donkey, a sheep and a camel. Perfect set to teach your children about the message and story of Christmas.

Sevi Large Wooden Nativity Scene Set

Another highly recommended wooden nativity scene set for kids is Sevi’s Large Wooden Nativity Scene. The set includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, Angel Gabriel, 3 wise men, shepherds, animals, trees and a stable with a star. This adorable set allows you to recreate the nativity scene. Your children will have an easy time repositioning each piece because they are small enough to be movable. They are colourful too!

Holztiger Set

Holztiger is a German toy maker known for their craftsmanship. Their toys are made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and hand-painted using water-based acrylic paints and dyes. Holztiger nativity sets allow you to mix and match nativity figures that fit your preference and taste. There is a wide range of nativity figures to choose from, each brings something wonderful to the nativity scene.


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