Best Newborn Toys

Best Toys for Newborns

A newborn is a beautiful thing to have around. They bring such joy and excitement into your life. However, having such a beautiful little angel can also be very tiring, as you’re constantly going from one activity to another trying to keep them entertained.

Newborns love to poke, prod and grab everything in sight. They are constantly learning about their bodies by testing the limits of their abilities. Try this by buying some new toys for babies that are made with different materials and fabrics and feature different sounds and textures.

Every parent wants to give their baby the best of everything, and that includes toys. There are a lot of toys out there, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what your baby needs and what they’ll actually like. To help you make this decision, we’ve created a list of newborn toys that your little one will love. Here’s our list of the best toys for newborns.

Rubens Barn Baby Dolls

Rubens Barn is a popular Swedish doll maker. They design their own dolls in Sweden and they are handmade in China. Their baby dolls line is unique because it features anatomically correct baby dolls. These dolls capture the warmth and magical world of a new baby. They are soft dolls and make for good companions and newborn toys.

Grimms Beads Grasper

When your baby finally learns how to use her hands to grasp onto something, you probably need something that she can easily hold and is designed specifically for grasping. You might have heard about Grimms. They are a popular wooden toy maker from Europe and they make some of the best wooden toys in the market. Their toys are brightly coloured and finished with non-toxic paint and so is this amazing beads grasper. Fantastic toy for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Bigjigs Rainbow Petals

If you are looking for a newborn toy for your baby or as a gift for a friend’s baby shower, check out Bigjigs Rainbow Petals. We love Bigjigs and their wooden toys. Their toys are made from responsibly sourced materials and conforms to European and international safety standards. Their Rainbow Petals newborn toy is suitable from birth and is the perfect toy for developing your little one’s colour recognition, grasp reflex, sensory development and fine motor skills.

Heimess Touch Ring Rainbow Pearls

This touch ring is a good newborn toy from Heimess. It is handmade and features colourful rainbow pearls. It is designed with your baby’s tiny hands in mind so she can grasp the toy easily. Your baby will definitely love the bright colours and the feel of the wooden texture.


Moulin Roty Dog Ring Rattle

This dog ring rattle from Moulin Roty is a soft toy and a rattle in one. Perfect newborn toys for little girls and boys. It also has two rubber feet that Babies can chew and soothe their sore gums on during teething. It is also a good rattle to entertain your baby during feeding and play time.


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