Best Noah's Ark Toys for Toddlers

Noah’s ark toys are fantastic toys for toddlers. These toys show biblical references which are rarely seen in children’s toys today. Most modern toys that are often loaded with features that make them too advanced for children. Toys like Noah’s Ark provides children with open-ended fun they need to encourage the use of their imagination and creative thinking. Imaginative play has an important role in a child’s early development. So Noah’s Ark toys are highly recommended for toddlers to help them achieve developmental milestones.

If you go to an online toy store or the toy section at your nearest department store, you would be surprised to find out that there are so many Noah’s Ark toys on the market. These toys are popular among parents because of the lessons that come with them. Children love to play with them because they are simple and easy to play but so much fun. Noah’s Ark toys are the perfect toys for Christmas, christenings and birthdays and more!

So here’s some of the best Noah’s Ark toys that are guaranteed to fascinate and amaze your children.

Holztiger Noah's Ark

Holztiger Noah's Ark is an heirloom toy that is guaranteed to be passed down from one generation to the next. The craftsmanship of this toy reflects the quality of work and dedication to our environment of Holztiger. This wonderful toy is finished with non-toxic water-based paint makes it 100% safe for kids.

The massive size of this toy fits an average size toddler. It can also double as a pull along toy that your children can use to bring their other toys with them whenever they go. Once they are done playing, they can use it as a storage container.

Holztiger is a popular European toymaker, popular for their wooden Waldorf toys. Their toys feature a unique design and handcrafted to perfection. They are committed to conserving our environment so they only use sustainable materials like wood to make their amazing toys. If you want to show your support for environmental causes, we highly recommended checking out Holztiger and their toys.

Indigo Jamm Noah’s Wooden Ark

This beautifully crafted wooden toy from Indigo Jamm is the perfect gift for birthdays, Christenings or Christmas. It comes with Mr and Ms Noah which are made from wooden pegs and 5 pairs of colourful wooden animals. This toy offers many fun imaginative play potentials with its removable roof, cabin and deck. Your children can guide wooden animals into the ark through an opening that they can open and close so easily. The swimming fishes on the side can be moved forwards and backwards. The smooth curves and wooden texture of this toy brings your children closer to nature.

Much like all Indigo Jamm toys, this ark features their iconic retro style design. It’s made from sustainable rubberwood and plywood. You can have peace of mind while your children play with this toy because all Indigo Jamm toys conform to European and international safety standards on kids’ toys.

Bigjigs Noah's Ark

Another one of our highly recommended brands is BigJigs. Their Noah’s Ark toy is made from wooden materials and finished with safe brightly-coloured paint. It includes several animals that can be attached to the side of the ark by magnet or through the slots on the side. The sturdy handle makes it ideal for travelling.

Tender Leaf Toys Noah's Shape Sorter Ark

Beautifully designed in the UK, this Noah’s Ark from Tender leaf is a wonderful shape sorter. The animals are also designed using Tender Leaf’s own illustrations and finished with non-toxic paint. The ark has removable roof and side panels. The perfect toy and sorter to encourage dexterity, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem-solving.


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