Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers


Outdoor toys are toys that can be played outside of the house. And there are different kinds of outdoor toys that you can buy if you want your child to enjoy the outdoors. Most children nowadays spend most of their time indoors and in front of the screens of their electronic devices. They need to spend more time outside and let them make a connection with nature.

Tender Leaf Toys Forest Trail Kit

Tender Leaf Toys' Forest Trail Kit is a good playset to encourage children to explore the world around them and introduce them to the natural world of the outdoors. This playset will open doors of discovery and learning about nature and different creatures like bugs, insects, birds and more. The adventure kit includes a magnifying glass, owl compass, waterproof groundsheet, canvas bag and a multitude of outdoor adventure themed cards. Each toy included in this kit was carefully selected to provide the most exciting experience for little adventurers. All toy pieces are made from responsibly sourced materials and conforms to international safety standards.

Bigjigs Gardening Belt

Bigjigs Gardening Belt is the only outdoor playset you need to encourage your children to join you outside while you tend your garden. It solves a problem many parents face - getting their children to help with chores in the garden. The belt comes with all your little one’s gardening equipment – a pair of comfy gloves, hand spade and a fork. The belt is comfortable to wear and makes gardening fun because it’s like playing.

Green Toys Wagon - Orange

The Green Toys Wagon is perfect for hauling toys and gardening supplies outdoors. This toy wagon is highly recommended if you want to encourage your little one to get connected to nature and engage in outdoor play. Great for physical development and for improving balance, body strength and gross motor skills. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers and without the toxic chemicals and substances like PVC, phthalates and BPA that are typically found in plastic toys.

Bigjigs Footwalkers

A pair of Bigjigs Footwalkers is a creative way to help develop balance, coordination and motor skills. Ideal for children to build confidence at a young age, they make a great gift too. It’s a simple toy that provides great entertainment value. All your child has to do is sto step on the foot walkers, hold on to the strings and start walking. She might need to figure out how to make her first step initially but after some practice she’ll enjoy and have fun walking using a pair of footwalkers.

Green Toys Dune Buggy Pull Toy

A pull toy is a fantastic toy to give your child if you want him to enjoy the outdoors. Green Toys Dune Buggy is a classic pull toy made from recycled plastic and doesn’t contain any of the nasties that are normally found in plastic toys. It’s easy to clean too so your little boy can bring his favourite pull toy wherever he goes every day.

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