Best Pram Toys for Newborn

Best pram toys for newborn

Newborns may not show much interest in pram toys for the first few weeks, but once they become alert and interested in their surroundings they will love engaging with noisy and colourful toys.

Toys are not just fun to look at. They also help develop babies' senses.

  • Soft cuddly toys develop babies sense of touch as they reach out and grab the soft fabric or feel it against their skin.
  • Rattles are great for developing listening skills and can be easily attached to a buggy or car seat to stop them from getting lost.
  • Noisy toys are also great for learning about cause and effect. Bells, rattles and crinkly fabric are all great for this skill.
  • And bright or contrasting colours are perfect for babies developing a sense of sight in the first few months.

And as babies' skills develop they will engage more with toys and play with them in different ways. So the best toys for newborns are perfect for the first six months and most will be enjoyed for much longer than that.

Heimess Pram Chains

Heimess wooden pram chains are suitable from birth, painted with brightly coloured non-toxic paints, and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth making them perfect first toys.

The pram chains have clips to attach them, lots of bright beads to fiddle with and little bells that jingle as you travel.

Moulin Roty Spirals, Rattles and Comforters

Moulin Roty toys are stunning for any occasion and make great gifts for babies. All their toys offer plenty of colours and textures without being garish. As well as soft sounds for baby to discover.

Spiral toys are great for travel as they can wound around the handle of a pram or the bars of a cot to keep baby amused. We love the activity ring rattles, these come with a loop so you can attach them to whatever you like, newborns love the cute faces, and some even have a little mirror so they can look at their own face as well.

BigJigs Toys

Bigjigs also have a fab range of toys for babies that are great for the pram. These include spirals, activity balls and cubes. These soft toys are packed with colours, textures and sounds to engage tiny tots as their senses develop.

Rubens Barn Mini Eco-Buds

These delightful little dolls are handmade, eco-friendly and organic, and Rubens plant a tree for every one they sell. The mini eco-buds are the smallest doll in the range and perfect for newborns.

They come with a little fabric tie so they can be attached to a pushchair, pram or baby carrier but also make the most adorable companions when you aren't out and about. They give the best cuddles and will accompany your baby on adventures for many years to come.


Teethers are something you need for a newborn, but once your little one starts cutting teeth you'll want to have one handy at all times for comfort and distraction.

And being as little ones discover the world with their mouths as much as anything else everything will end up as a teether at some point. With that in mind, we take a look at how to wash pram toys.