Best Push Along Toys for Toddlers

Push Toys for Kids

Whether your child has too much energy to burn off or your child is just learning how to walk, you should look at push toys. Push toys come in a wide range of sizes and forms. A small push toy that your little one can push along like a small toy car is great for tummy time and developing essential skills like fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Large push toys like activity walkers, on the other hand, are fantastic for encouraging movement and ideal for developing gross motor skills, balance and physical strength.

Push Toys for Little Children

There are many fantastic push toys on the market and we highly recommend choosing wooden over plastic. Wooden push along toys are better for your child and the environment. While there are advantages to buying plastic, the fact that they are made from plastic should give you pause and think about their impact on our environment.

Here are some of the best push toys you can buy for your children:

Indigo Jamm Bernie's Ride-On Bus

Indigo Jamm is one of our favourite toymakers because they make wonderful toys. All their toys are made from responsibly sourced wood and are designed in their office in Surrey. What’s amazing with this particular toy is that there are 2 ways to play it. It’s a push toy that also doubles as a ride-on. Buy one for your child and see him wheel this toy around the house.

Tidlo Activity Walker

Another one of our favourite toy brands, Tidlo makes wonderful wooden toys. Their Activity Walker comes with other toys built right in. It has a mini abacus, a spinning mirror, a spinning cage rattle, matching blocks and more. Perfect toy for encouraging mobility, dexterity, problem-solving, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. All toy pieces are brightly coloured which definitely catches the attention of any child.

Plan Toys Dino Cars

These wonderful brightly coloured toys will introduce prehistoric animals to your child. Plan Toys Dino cars are made from sustainable wooden materials and finished with non-toxic dyes. Perfect a cute little toy to keep your child occupied for hours. Watch your child push this toy with joy around the house.

Tegu Magnetic Race Cars

These fantastic race cars from Tegu come with detachable magnetic pieces which allow your child to build his own race car. He can also experiment with magnetism and balancing which makes this toy car a great introductory toy in science. Little kids love magnets because they are interesting to look at while still being simple and fun to play with.

Bigjigs Flower Activity Walker

This activity walker comes with a selection of mini toys like a sorter on the side and a beaded wire. BigJigs is a popular UK brand known for its colourful and wonderful wooden toys. Much like any other toy brand in our collection, their toys are made from sustainable and responsibly sourced wood and painted with non-toxic paint. These toys are 100% safe and conform to European and international safety standards.


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