Best Role Play Toys for Children

Kids have endless imagination and should be encouraged to engage in role playing or imaginative play as much as possible especially during their developmental stage. Many child experts agree that children learn through playing and role playing in particular is an important component of a child’s early development.

There are different ways to encourage children to engage in role play activities. That is the beauty of this form of play, it has endless possibilities. One of the best ways to promote imaginative play is through playing with toys designed for role play. You can let your children’s imagination run wild with role play toys like doctor play sets, play kitchens, wooden play shops and more. With these toys, your children can pretend to be a doctor, chef or anything they can think of.

Role play toys are versatile toys which is the primary reason why these toys are popular among children and parents. With so many options out there, you would think it would be easy to pick the right role play toys. But sometimes having too many options can make buying toys a bit more challenging than usual. But do not worry. We made a list of some of our favourite and highly recommended role play toys.

Tidlo Doctors Set

One of the most classic role play toys is the doctor playset. There are many lovely doctor play sets on the market but this doctor set from Tidlo is probably our favourite. Tidlo makes some of the best and safest toys in the world. This doctor set includes a thermometer, syringe, head bandage, otoscope and more. Perfect playset to allow children to discover their nurturing side. They can take care of their sick dolls and teddy bears and nurse them back to health.

Indigo Jamm Lynton Kitchen

Featuring a classic British design, Indigo Jamm’s Lynton Kitchen is the perfect play kitchen for your child. It has a double hob with clicking knobs, teaching clock and a Belfast style sink. Perfect playset for budding chefs and children who just want to cook delicious meals for their other toys. Made from sustainable wooden materials and finished with non-toxic paint.

Plan Toys Tool Belt

Your children can now practice their hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and gross motor skills with Plan Toys Tool Belt. The set includes the usual bench tools like a wrench, level, nut and bolt, screwdriver and an adjustable carpenter’s belt. Much like any Plan Toys toys, all toy pieces in this set are made from responsibly sourced rubberwood.

Bigjigs Spotted Basket Tea Set

Your children and their friend can enjoy a fancy afternoon tea party with Bigjigs Spotted Basket Tea Set. This adorable set comes with cups, saucers, plates, teaspoons, teapot with removable lid, plate and a basket. A wonderful set that has everything your little one needs to host the perfect afternoon tea party for her dolls, families and friends.

Indigo Jamm Pots n Pans set

Another fantastic role play set from Indigo Jamm is their Pots n Pans set. Your children can experiment with different recipes and come up with delicious meals. The set comes with retry styled oven gloves, roasting tray, pan, utensils and casserole pot.


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