Best Sorting Toys for Little Kids

Best Sorting Toys for Toddlers

Sorting toys are good early learning toys. These toys promote early learning in fun ways. Children will have an easy time playing with these toys and they learn how to sort each piece in no time. These sorting toys provide little kids the opportunity to have fun while learning. Each sorting toy offers something different, but all of them are exciting and entertaining to play.

Most sorting toys are simple and basic but these toys can entertain and educate little kids. Most of them come in bright and vibrant colours too so any children will definitely love playing with these toys. It is a huge bonus that they will learn a lot of things while playing these wonderful toys. Your children will learn about colours, shapes and practice their fine motor skills as well as hand eye coordination. For such simple toys, you would never expect they have this much developmental value.

It should not come as a surprise how popular sorting toys are. As parents, you would want your children playing with these toys because they are good for early development. However with so many sorting toys out there, sometimes you get overwhelmed with the choices in front of you. We hope our list of the best sorting toys will help you out with your toy shopping.

Plan Toys Beehives

This is a wonderful sorting game from Plan Toys. The set comes with 6 cute bumble bees and 6 colourful beehives and a pair of pincer tongs. Little kids can use the pincers to pick up a bee and put them in the beehive of corresponding colour or whichever beehive they choose. Fantastic toys for developing fine motor skills, sorting, problem-solving and colour recognition. You can even use this set as a nursery decoration because of how adorable they look. Made from sustainable materials and finished with non-toxic paint.

Bigjigs First Hammer Bench

Your little one can pound away to her heart’s content with Bigjigs First Hammer Bench. This sorting toy set includes 8 brightly coloured wooden pegs, a wooden hammer and a flat workbench. Each piece included in this set has rounded edges and are smooth for a fun and safe playtime. Perfect toys for encouraging children to practice fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and teaching them about colour recognition, sorting and counting. Made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and conform to safety standards on kids toys.

Indigo Jamm Trawler Ted & Fishing Game

This lovely fishing game from Indigo Jamm is the perfect playset for children who want to have fun playing with simple toys. It comes with an assortment of 9 magnetic sea animals, 2 peg people and a boat with a removable roof. Amazing playset to encourage children to play with other kids and take turns. Playing with others helps children develop social skills, communications skills, teamwork and many more.

Grimms 35 Wooden Marbles

This marble set from Grimms consists of 35 wooden marbles of various colours. Perfect for sorting or creating marble runs. Grimms are popular for their wooden rainbow toys.

Tender Leaf Colour Me Happy

This sorting playset comes with a brightly coloured snake with 12 pieces that offer tons of play value by matching and sorting each piece. Amazing playset to encourage imaginative play and teaching children about basic colours in a fun and exciting way.


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