Best Space Toys for Toddlers

Space Toys

While there are plenty of toys available for kids, those that inspire imagination and allow development of problem solving skills and knowledge are the best. Toys, especially space toys, can help toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary kids play imaginatively and learn something while having fun.

Most children appreciate space exploration and almost anything space-related fascinates them. Every child is fascinated by space in its own wonderful way. The easiest way to find a toy that will keep your child engaged is to find something that mirrors this innate curiosity. Whether you're looking for space ship or moon toys, we've got the perfect solutions to keep your little one just as engaged as he or she wants to be!

Indigo Jamm Rocket Ricky

Your little one can embark on his space adventure with Indigo Jamm’s Rocket Ricky. It features a retro-futuristic design and movable rocket flames. It also has two colourful spacemen that are removable from the space rocket. Perfect addition to your child’s space playset collection. Made from sustainable rubberwood and suitable for children ages 18 months and older.

Tender Leaf Toys Rocket Construction

Build your own rocket and blast off to space! Tender Leaf Toys Rocket Construction set is the easy, fun way for kids to build three different rockets. Each rocket features everything children need to launch them into space. They can mix and match each rocket piece to make their own unique rocket and start counting down to launch. This rocket construction set promotes problem solving and fine motor skill development for toddlers and helps them learn while they play with toys that encourage "hands-on" exploration.

Small Foot Colourful Stacking Rocket

Small Foot Colourful Stacking Rocket is a brilliantly designed rocket which doubles as a stacking toy for young rocket t scientists.With its bright colours, this stacking tower makes an attractive addition to any nursery. he brightly coloured rocket parts can be assembled easily by toddlers who will playfully practice their fine motor skills and coordination. Perfect toy for teaching children about basic colours and shapes as well as promoting fun and exciting imaginative play.

Tender Leaf Toys Life On Mars Set

Set up a colony and explore life on Mars with Tender Leaf Toys Life On Mars Set. This wonderful space toy playset includes 16 toy pieces - 2 rockets, 2 launch pads, 2 UFOs, 2 lunar vehicles, 2 human astronauts, 2 cat astronauts, an airlock, satellite and radar, living quarters and a communications tower. Each toy piece has enough detail to encourage imaginative role playing and it is all toddlers need to re-enact any planetary mission!

Indigo Jamm Flo the UFO

The Indigo Jamm Flo the Ufo is a retro-style wooden toy UFO with a spinning saucer and two colourful removable aliens. Its vintage charm will definitely attract toddlers. This space toy offers lots of great playtime fun. Ideal toy for encouraging imaginative and creative play as well as fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Perfect gift for children who love space toys.


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