Best Stacking Cups and Toys for Kids

Stacking objects on top of each other is a common aspect of a child’s play. At first, babies will try to figure out how things move and work around them and they would eventually figure out how to pick an object and place it on top of another. You can see a child stacking and organising almost anything she can get her hands on. Try offering her some cardboard boxes and you will see that she will place them on top of each other. And this is a good thing because even as simple as stacking can help a baby develop her fine motor skills, problem solving skills and hand eye coordination.

There are many toys and play activities that foster development through stacking. Stacking cups and toys in particular are huge hits among children and parents because these are seemingly simple toys yet offer so much in the way of developmental value. And that is what you should look for in a toy. A toy that is simple yet educational is worth more than any high-tech toy. The best stacking cups and toys are fantastic toys for developing a child’s essential skills. These toys facilitate development of a child’s cognitive and physical abilities while allowing children to have fun.

With many stacking cups and toys available on the market, choosing the best playsets for your little one can be a bit difficult. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you and with our list of the best stacking cups and toys, your toy shopping will be easy and simple.

Djeco Maxi Topanijungle

This fantastic stacking playset from Djeco includes five adorable animals - elephant, monkey, giraffe, lion and a monkey. It also comes with five blocks that can be stacked on top of each other to build an animal stacking tower. Each of the five blocks snugly fits in each other so your child can easily stack them together. Watch your child run his imagination wild and have fun for hours and never get bored playing with this stacking playset. Great playset for encouraging fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and problem solving skills.

Indigo Jamm Lighthouse Stacker

Indigo Jamm Lighthouse Stacker is an adorable stacking toy that comes with a lighthouse keeper. The set includes 8 stacking blocks. Each block is painted beautifully and features Indigo Jamm’s signature retro design. Stacking toys are good for developing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Designed in the UK and made from sustainable wooden materials, this stacking playset is the perfect addition to your child’s toy chest. The entire set comes in an attractive full colour box.

Grimm's Set of Bowls

Grimm’s is a toymaker popular for their rainbow colours wooden toys. Their set of bowls is just as colourful as their other toys. This is a very versatile playset that children can play it in a variety of ways - stacking, nesting, sorting and even cookware for pretend play. Perfect playset for encouraging stacking and expanding a child’s imagination and creativity.

This amazing set from Grimm’s is handmade in Germany using responsibly sourced wooden materials and painted with non-toxic paint and dyes.

Tidlo Rainbow Cubes

This lovely stacking playset from Tidlo includes ten brightly coloured stacking cubes that feature numbers, animals and fruits illustrations. Designed with your child’s tiny hands in mind, he can stack, nest or sort these stacking cubes. Perfect toy for encouraging sorting, stacking and teaching little kids basic numeracy.

Bigjigs First Picture Blocks

Bigjigs First Picture Blocks set is a wonderful stacking toy and there are many ways to play it. Your little one can stack blocks on top of each other and knock them down or she can sort the blocks by colour. Perfect playset to teach your child her basic colours and numeracy.

Much like any other toys from Bigjigs, this stacking playset is made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and conforms to European and international safety standards on kids toys.


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