Best Stacking Games for Kids

Stacking Games

Stacking games are good toys for little children. Stacking objects and toys is a huge part of a child’s early learning and development. This is the kind of early learning toys and games you want your children playing because they are fun, simple and educational. Activities and games that involve stacking and organising objects and toys based on their attributes are fun ways to encourage children to discover how the world works around them and what things go together. Little children will be able to understand simple scientific and math concepts involved in stacking which is a good thing.

Little children usually start stacking anything they can get their hands on as soon as they are able to use their hands and fingers to pick up and manipulate objects. They start with stacking common household items like empty cardboard boxes on top of each other. When they are already good at stacking these items, they need something new and a bit challenging.

Grimms House - Coloured

Grimms is a German toy maker known for their widely popular rainbow coloured wooden toys. Their toys are some of the best looking wooden toys on the market, featuring minimalist design and bright colours. Most of their toys can double as nursery or playroom decorations because of how they look fantastic.

Grimms rainbow coloured house have been around for many years and remained one of their best selling toys. Little children will have a fun time stacking and nesting wooden arches and play mini games with their friends. This stacking game set is flexible and versatile and can be played different ways other than stacking. For instance, when children get bored of stacking they can simply use the pieces from this set as tunnels for cars or caves for mythical creatures for their other toys.

Bigjigs Weather Balancing Game

Bigjigs is another toy maker we trust and highly recommend. They make some of the most beautiful wooden toys and the family-owned business operates straight from the United Kingdom. They make simple, fun and highly educational toys from responsibly sourced materials like wood. They also know that their toys are being played by children so they make sure their toys are 100% safe.

This stacking game is unique and fun to play. It comes with an upside-down umbrella and 6 weather symbols - rainbow, cloud, raindrop, snowflake and sun and thunder. Perfect toy to encourage children to learn advanced stacking and learn about the different kinds of weather.

Djeco Cubanimo Blocks for infants

This wonderful set of 17 pieces including 3 accent blocks, 9 nesting blocks, 2 roofs and 3 animals. These blocks feature cute illustrations and designs as well as bright colours that are guaranteed to grab your children’s attention. Your children will have a fun time playing with these wonderful blocks.

Indigo Jamm Lighthouse Stacker

This lovely lighthouse from Indigo Jamm is a fun way to promote early learning and development. It comes with 8 stacking pieces that are guaranteed to entertain and help your children develop essential skills like fine motor, hand eye coordination and more.


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