Best Teaching Clock for Kids

teaching clocks

Teaching clocks are fantastic early learning toys for little children to learn about time, shapes, colors and basic numeracy. These clocks are designed to make learning about time easy and exciting as well as to encourage imaginative play while honing down basic skills.

Here are some of the best teaching clocks for little children.

Bigjigs Clock

A seemingly simple yet great educational toy, Bigjigs Teaching Clock offers many learning and developmental opportunities for little children. This is a good teaching tool so that your children can learn time telling in a relaxing and fun way. Not only that, little children can also learn about other things like colours, numbers and shapes.

This toy clock features removable pieces with numbers 1 to 12 and each piece is rounded and easy to hold. Your children will have an easy time developing their memory and recognition skills because each piece is colour coordinated with its base.

Tidlo Sorting Clock

Tidlo Sorting & Teaching Clock is a sorting toy and a teaching clock in one. This fantastic early learning tool is a fun way to introduce new concepts and lessons like shapes, numbers, colours and time telling. The numbers one to twelve are written on removable shapes and underneath them. Each removable piece is held in place by a magnet. Teaching children more difficult aspects of telling time is made easier by the colourful quarter marks on the toy colour. Besides having fun learning about time, your children will also have a wonderful time learning how to sort each toy piece based on their attributes.

Tender Leaf Toys Bear Colours Clock

This teaching clock is a fantastic introductory toy for children about time telling. The numbers one to twelve are written on removable blocks that your children can easily match up with the colours on the clock. The toy clock also features moving hands to help little children learn about time easily and in a fun way. You can make things interesting and add a bit of challenge by removing the block pieces from the clock and have your little one match the colours. She will learn about time telling as well as basic numeracy and colours.

Bigjigs Stacking Clock

Introduce the concept of time and teach your children about time telling in a fun way with Bigjigs Stacking Clock. This wonderful toy offers a challenging way to start learning how to tell time by having to assemble the clock first. It also features moveable hands and five chunky rectangular blocks that form a stripe when assembled. Perfect toy for first learners of time telling as well as decorative for playrooms and nurseries.

Tender Leaf Toys Ladybug Clock

You can teach your little children about time telling in a fun and exciting way with Tender Leaf Toys’ Ladybug Teaching Clock. This toy clock comes with 12 removable, magnetised pieces that are numbered from one to twelve. Your little one will have an easy time remembering which pieces go where because each slot has a corresponding number of dots. Once playtime is over, you can hang the toy lock up on a wall.

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