Best Toy Airplanes for Toddlers


A child's imagination knows no bounds at any age. That is why toys are so important for children. The development of toys has grown exponentially throughout history. Nowadays, children have more choices than ever before. Kids love toys and aviation toys are no exception. The kids around the world love to play with toy airplanes. These toys can be made of plastic or wood and these planes allow them to pretend play as pilots. The children love to do this because it is fun, short span, simple and imaginative play. While an airplane is a relatively simple machine, the fun and excitement of playing with toys is not. Whether you're looking to buy your child their first toy plane, or need a replacement for a broken toy, there are many options available for you.

Kids enjoy playing with toy airplanes because it is fun and entertaining. It gives them a chance to imagine while taking part in an activity that can stimulate their senses. There are toys that are specifically designed for children. Of course, parents should be cautious of which toy airplanes to buy because there will be some that might not be the best for the child's age. Before buying, you have to consider a few things so you can get a model that will not pose any danger to your child.

So here are our picks of some of the best toy planes for toddlers.

Bigjigs Pull Back - Planes

Bigjigs Pull Back Planes is an adorable twist to their classic Bigjigs Pull Back Racing Cars. These toy planes are guaranteed to entertain and bring excitement to your budding pilots. These toys are perfect as stocking fillers. Each plane toy features bright colours and helps children with developing their visual acuity. These toys are designed with children's tiny hands in mind so they won't have a hard time playing with these toys. Great toys for developing dexterity, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Much like other Bigjigs toys, this playset is made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and conforms to European and international safety standards.

Indigo Jamm Percy Plane

Meet Indigo Jamm's adorable Percy Plane. Your little one can easily remove Percy from the cockpit of his single seat plane which has a propeller that can be spun. The plane also features bright yellow colour finish which could attract budding pilots. Made from sustainable rubberwood and finished with natural stain, making it a good eco-friendly toy.

Plan Toys Classic Airplane With Pilot

Budding pilots get ready for take off with this retro style airplane from Plan Toys. It features a classic biplane design, wheels that roll, removable peg pilot and a propeller that turns. Perfect toy to encourage your little on to embark on his imaginary adventures in the skies. Fantastice toy for small hands which helps with fine motor skills, dexterity and hand eye coordination.

Indigo Jamm Flying Felix

Another lovely plane toy playset from Indigo Jamm is their Flying Felix. This playset comes complete with Indigo Jamm Flying Felix, 4 Indigo Jamm Peg People and Indigo Jamm Luggage Piece. Flying Fenix has spinning propellers and wheels as well as numbered seats for orderly seating. Fantastic role play toy to inspire your little one to pretend play as a pilot while transporting his passengers safely to their destination.

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