Best Toy Cars for Kids


Toy cars. Some parents think of them as just a frivolous toy for younger children to play with. But these toys are great. Children love toy cars. Whether it be one of your push along cars or a pull back car, toy cars are sure to put a smile on any child’s face and they could play with their toy cars all day long if you let them. The excitement and joy that kid’s experience when they play with them is priceless. Actually, there’s a very good explanation why children love playing with toy cars. They are simple yet fun to play with.

There are many fantastic toy cars to choose from because they are some of the most popular toys for kids. Most of the time these toys are attractive, vary in size, and have the ability to move both forward and backward.

Grimm's Large Convertible Toy Cars

Grimm’s Large Convertible Cars are fantastic toy cars for kids. These cars are chunky and designed for little hands. Your kids will have a fun and easy time playing with these toy cars which feature free spinning wheels and 2 peg dolls - a passenger and a driver. They are made from wood and finished with non-toxic paints. These cars showcase Grimm’s signature craftsmanship as well as their minimalist design philosophy. The wooden body work shows off the wood’s natural grain and the wooden texture is great for tactile stimulation.

Tender Leaf Retro Cars

Tender Leaf Toys cars are such good looking cars that they can double as playroom or nursery decorations. These lovely cars are designed in the UK using Tender Leaf Toys own designs and illustrations. They also feature iconic and recognisable car designs. Made from sustainable and renewable resources like rubberwood and finished with non-toxic paint and soft water stains. Great toys for encouraging imaginative and creative play as well as for supporting development of fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, dexterity and more.

Indigo Jamm Rocky Racer

Indigo Jamm Rocky Racer is a great wooden racing toy car. It features a removable peg driver. Both driver and car are made from wooden high quality durable wooden materials. The good-looking paint finish would definitely attract and entertain children that love toy cars. Made from sustainable rubberwood and conforms to all European and international safety standards.

Bigjigs Pull Back Racing Car

Bigjigs Toys Pull Back Racing Car drives smoothly yet quickly across the floor or carpet and can be used to teach children about the power of friction. The car is just about the right length and the pull back action makes it ideal for letting off steam. It makes fantastic birthday, Christmas and other celebration presents for children.

Tender Leaf Toys ABC Cars

Tender Leaf Toys ABC Cars are colorful and well designed, made from wooden materials and painted with nontoxic materials. The cars are chunky but lightweight, without any gimmicks or electronic components that could get broken, misplaced or lost. Everything your child needs to play is right at hand in a box modest in size but bountiful in content.

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