Best Toys for 6 Month Old Babies

Six months is a momentous milestone in babies' lives. They are rapidly developing and learning new skills like their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, dexterity . There are also numerous toys available for 6 month old babies including physical, sensory, educational and imaginative toys.

It’s important to keep an eye out for your baby’s development. Doing so will guide you on what toys to buy to facilitate further development and learning. Knowing developmental milestones can be helpful too. But keep in mind that these are guidelines and not rules. Every baby is unique and develops at a different pace than others.

So here’s our short list of some of the best toys for babies aged 6 months.

Bigjigs Wooden Number Blocks

These wooden number blocks from popular toy maker Bigjigs are great for helping little ones learn their numbers. The colourful blocks, numbered 1 - 10, are excellent for sorting, counting and addition. There is a large surface area making them easy for little hands to grasp and to stack. All of the sides are sanded smooth giving each block a smooth finish.

Heimess Touch Ring Elastic Rainbow Ball

The Heimess Touch Ring Elastic Rainbow Ball works like a wooden rattle that is guaranteed to stimulate and entertain your baby at an early age. This toy is lightweight which is suitable for your baby and comes with vibrant colours which would definitely catch her attention. Each movable part is safe giving your baby plenty of time to explore this colourful touch ring.

Bigjigs Wooden Roll Rattle

The Bigjigs Wooden Roll Rattle is the perfect toy for your littlest one. It’s a wonderful toy for early learning and development. Like any other rattle, this one produces pleasant sounds when rolled or shaken. Fantastic starter toy to keep your baby entertained and stimulated.

Its bright colours are great for colour recognition and visual stimulation. While its wooden texture is good for tactile and sensory play.

Designed with your baby’s tiny hands in mind, she can easily grab and hold on to this rattle and shake it to her heart’s content. Great practice of her fine motor skills, dexterity and hand eye coordination.

Rubens Tummies

A unique handmade doll from Swedish doll maker, Rubens Barn Tummies dolls that come with a removable wheat bag. This wheat bag which is slotted in the doll’s tummy can be heated or cooled depending on the weather condition.

This lovely doll is made from organic cotton and stuffed with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) PET stuffing.

Grimms Beads Grasper

Grimms is popular for their rainbow coloured wooden stacking toys. And this beads grasper comes with equally adorable rainbow colours that are guaranteed to grab your little one’s attention. These colourful beads are great for visual stimulation and colour recognition.

This grasper is easy to grasp because it’s designed for babies. Your little one will have an easy and fun time rolling and manipulating the beads with her hands. Great toy for keeping your little one occupied and for refining fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.


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