Best Toys for 8 Year Olds


Toys for 8 Year Olds

The best toys for 8-year-olds take them on a fun adventure, while also helping them with the complicated transition into young adulthood. Let’s face it, kids at age 8 are going through major developmental changes and you can make this transition easy and fun for your child with some of the best toys that boost their confidence and inspire them to be more creative and imaginative.

Here are some of the best toys for 8 year old children.

Bigjigs Animal Shut the Box

Bigjigs Animal Shut the Box is based on the traditional game Shut the Box but they added their own twist to the game to make it more fun and appropriate for children. The rules of the game are simple - race your opponent to flip down all of the animals on your side while taking turns in spinning the dial. This game provides wholesome fun for the entire family and is a good game to pass time during a boring Sunday afternoon. Good board game for learning different animals and colours.

Much like any other Bigjigs toys, this board game is well-made using wooden materials and painted with non-toxic water-based paints and dyes. All pieces included in this set have been safety tested and conform to European and international safety standards.

Tender Leaf Toys Home Kitchen

One thing you should know about children is that they love imitating their parents and like role playing. These things are two of the most important components of a fun and exciting imaginative play. Imaginative play offers children the freedom to act roles based on their experience and they learn a lot of things when they engage in this form of play.

Tender Leaf Toys Home Kitchen is what would many consider as a role playing toy. It is a replica or toy version of a real life home kitchen. Your budding chef will have a blast playing with this playset. This home kitchen set features stylish and contemporary design. It includes an oven, 2 hobs, a butler’s sink with double taps, utensils and utensil holder, an integral cupboard with doors, a solid wood white kettle, 2 sets of cups and saucers, a printed gingham tea towel, slicing baguette and an oven tray.

Bigjigs Green Watering Can

In today’s day and age, most children spend their time indoors and in front of the screens of their electronic devices. And sometimes it is difficult to encourage them to go outside. Bigjigs Green Watering Can is a good way to let your child join you in your garden while you tend to your plants. It features top and side handles to make it easy to hold by your child’s little hands and a fixed spout. She will have a wonderful time helping you out in your garden.

Grimms Sunset Rainbow 10 Piece

Grimm’s is known for their wooden rainbow coloured toys and their 10 piece sunset rainbow set is just as lovely and adorable. This toy set is handcrafted in Germany from responsibly sourced lime wood and finished with vibrant colours that somehow look good with the wood’s natural grain. This is a wonderful toy to spark your child’s imagination and creativity because this toy is what many experts consider as an open-ended toy. Open ended toys provide children with freedom to explore new ideas and experiment with how they play.


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