Best Travel Toys for Babies

Travel Toys for Babies

In many ways babies are far easier to travel with than toddlers and a clip-on activity toy might be all you need. They sleep a lot more for starters, and many parents will purposely arrange to travel at nap times so little ones will sleep through the journey. They also wear nappies, which means fewer pit stops and much less likelihood of having to clean the car seat mid-journey.

However it's not always possible to only travel while they are sleeping, and sometimes travel time is longer than nap time. So you might find you want to have a few tricks up your sleeve for on the go entertainment and distraction.

Even the most content little traveller is going to get bored of sitting still at some point so having a few carefully chosen travel toys to play with will make the journey more fun for everyone.

Pram toys are some of the best travel toys for babies as you can attach them to the car seat to stop them getting lost/repeatedly thrown on the floor. We love the Bigjigs spiral cot rattle as it's soft, has a clip, includes lots of colours and textures and makes a great noise.

Books, especially soft books with crinkly pages, teethers, rattles and their favourite soft toy or comforter are also good travel toys.

Sensory toys like the BigJigs bell ball, activity ball or spiky ball are great for the car as travel toys. And we love the Tegu swivel bugs as the pieces can't get lost but babies still get to experiment with magnetism. Little travel toys like the noisy animals and wiggly worms are also perfect for keeping in your change bag and bringing out when needed.

If you are looking for a different travel toys, we love the Green Toys shape sorter. This lightweight sorter is easy for little ones to hold and turn and has lots of shapes for them to figure out and makes a great noise if they shake it. Although this might be best for other journeys like a plane or train where you can give them your attention.

Additional tips for entertaining baby in the car

If you know you have a long journey coming up you might want to look at getting some baby-friendly music or audiobooks for the trip. Listening to music can be made even better if you give them a rattle to play along.

If your little one has got to the stage where they love putting things in boxes you can make an easy transfer game with a couple of tubs and some small (not too small) toys, blocks, or even little squares of fabric. Give them one full tub and one empty tub and get them to move the toys between the two.

Sing to them. Babies love to hear you sing.

Have a few random emergency items on hand that you can pass them when they get bored. A water bottle is fun to shake, your hairbrush, a plastic mirror, a silicone phone cover, anything that is safe and couldn't be choked on can be great fun to play with especially if they don't get to have it all the time.


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