Best Wooden Train Set for Toddlers

Wooden Train Sets & Railway Sets for Toddlers

Train sets are a classic toy that has been enjoyed by millions for generations. You can get fabulous plastic, metal or wooden train sets that allow children to dive into a world of imaginative play while learning key skills including motor skills, problem-solving, vocabulary and creativity.

Wooden train sets are perfect for toddlers as they are tactile, easy to fit together, safe and there are plenty of ethical brands available where the wood used has been responsibly sourced.

The other benefit of wooden train sets is that most brands can be used together. You can start with a very simple set for young toddlers and add to it as and when you feel like it from any brand you choose. You can also pick up lots of tracks and accessories second hand which is perfect for building your collection.

Starting with a simple set or just using a few pieces of track, to begin with, is great for letting toddlers figure out how to build the track without getting overwhelmed. Younger children also have a tendency not to have great spatial awareness in terms of their own bodies so a smaller track is easier for them to navigate without pulling the pieces apart.

Our favourite train set for toddlers

Our favourite brand of wooden train set has to be Bigjigs both for the incredible variety of sets of accessories and for the ethics behind the brand. Although we also love the Tidlo sets and both brands work brilliantly together.

Bigjigs is a family run company based in the UK. The wood they use is all ethically sourced, mostly rubberwood which is a popular choice for ethical toys as it’s essentially a waste product from the rubber industry. Trees are harvested and new ones planted when they stop producing rubber.

Bigjigs City Road and Railway Set

If you have the budget this is a fantastic set that combines both railway and roadway as well as trains, cars, buildings and even a little boat. It’s a big set so you need a fair amount of space to set it all out, however, you can easily use just a few pieces or have fun problem solving and building the tracks around table legs or toy boxes.

Princesses, Pirates and Dinosaurs

If your little one has an interest in pirates, princesses dragons, dinosaurs or even farming there is a Bigjigs train set for them. There are also lots of great accessories that allow for plenty of imaginative small world play and additional key skill development.

The pirate galleon makes a fabulous add on as it can be a bridge as part of the track or you can fold up the elasticated track pieces and your ship is ready to set sail.

The cranes are great as they require dexterity, teach about magnets, and add lots of play potential.

And of course as all our wooden train sets and accessories are compatible, you can easily start with the My First Wooden Train Set and build from there. Find out more about what wooden train sets are compatible here.

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